Fisherman finds body

Virginia Beach fisherman discovers a body in Lake Smith, according to police.

According to Virginia Beach police spokesperson Officer Jude Brenya, the fisherman discovered the body at approximately 2:30 p.m.

Brenya stated, “They happened to discover this body and called us in to examine it.”How this person died hours after a fisherman discovered a body in Lake Smith is still unknown.

Several hours were spent blocking off a portion of the lake near Lakeview Drive. Brenya reported Wednesday evening that a forensics team was at the scene.

“Our forensics unit will photograph the scene to preserve it,” he stated.

Brenya stated that detectives are still working to identify the deceased and determine the cause of death.

“First, determine who this person is and proceed from there. Brenya stated, “Try to determine if there are any reports of missing persons available…anything available to help us determine and tell this story of what transpired.”

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