Chef transforms daughter's Williamsburg bakery into seafood restaurant

Chef transforms daughter’s Williamsburg bakery into seafood restaurant

A shuttered bakery in Williamsburg has been given a new lease of life as the dream seafood restaurant of the father of its previous owner.

Chef Bill Lam of Steamers believes that the most delicious dishes are made using the simplest ingredients.

“He says that even though it’s a simple dish, you can truly taste the authenticity of the food. It’s not only nutritious but also incredibly fresh. You can easily distinguish the difference,” he explains.

Lam, who had retired after working in the restaurant industry for 30 years, decided to return to work following the closure of his daughter Amy’s bakery “Kitsby” last year.

As he reminisces, he recalls saying, “What a shame. This location is stunning.” He proposed, “If you’re open to the idea, I could attempt to turn it into a restaurant?”

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Lam intends to pay tribute to one of the restaurants he previously worked at by keeping the menu simple. The menu will feature lobster, prime rib, and linguine as its focal points.

According to Lam, the main characters of his dish are three chosen items. He firmly believes that fresh seafood can be cooked in a straightforward manner. As per his suggestion, steaming is the best way to prepare it, and you will get the desired results.

Lam is optimistic despite the initial struggles that come with starting a business. He firmly believes that his vision will attract the right audience and make his venture a success.

According to him, during the initial days of their soft opening, he spent four hours sitting there, but unfortunately, not a single guest arrived. However, the second day saw one table occupied and on the third day, they had one and a half tables filled. Even though the progress was slow, it was steady.

During its soft opening stages, Steamers is offering weekly specials including delectable options such as snow crab legs and seafood pasta for just $24 per dish.

Next month, the grand opening of the restaurant is planned by Lam.

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