Hate crime suspect found dead after missing court appearance

Hate crime suspect found dead after missing court appearance

According to police sources, a man from Newburgh who was charged with a violent road rage hate crime and was also wanted for failing to appear in court has been found dead in a hotel. News 12 has recently received this information.

According to a report, on September 27, William Ryan, 62, was issued a bench warrant by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office after he failed to appear in court on May 1.

According to a reliable source from law enforcement, Ryan was discovered deceased in New Windsor a few months ago, as reported by News 12.

According to the New Windsor Police Department, Ryan’s demise resulted from a fentanyl overdose at the Red Roof Inn on April 12.

After confirming the information with the police, the district attorney’s office has updated their recoitsegarding his death. It was discovered that they were initially unaware of the incident.

In 2022, Ryan faced charges of menacing as a hate crime. The incident occurred when he was observed holding a box cutter at the passenger’s side window of off-duty Town of Wallkill Police Lt. Robert McLymore, McLemoreaccomphis’s teenage son, accompanied by Newburgh, McLemore, captured an encounter on his cellphone. During the incident, Ryan used a racial slur to refer to McLymore aMcLemorely, claiming to be a state police trooper.

During the court proceedings, Ryan was indicted and released without bail.

During his final court appearance in March, Ryan was expected to plead guilty and serve a negotiated six-month sentenceHo.wever; the judge withdrew the offer when Ryan arrived at the courthouse five hours late, providing conflicting excuses for his delay.

During the court appearance, News 12 reported that Ryan finally admitted to lying about the reason for his tardiness and confessed to being under the influence of alcohol and Valium at the time of the crime.

A man who is accused of committing a violent hate crime against a Black off-duty officer is currently wanted on a bench warrant. Check out the full story here.

An Orange County judge has decided to rescind the plea deal for a man who had previously admitted to committing a hate crime.

The driver accused of a road rage hate crime recently pleaded not guilty in court. Despite the severity of the charge, the accused was released without bail. You can find more information about this case by following the link provided.

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