Trump calls fraud case judge's law clerk "Schumer's girlfriend"

Is it true that ‘violent individuals’ invaded Trump’s courtroom in NYC, resulting in multiple injuries? A fact-check.


On October 2, 2023, a video uploaded on YouTube accurately depicted the events of violent protests in support of former U.S. President Donald Trump. The protesters stormed a New York City courtroom during his fraud trial.


According to the rating provided by Snopes, this statement is false.

In 2023, an incident caught the attention of many viewers when a video was uploaded on a YouTube channel owned by Christo Aivalis. The video was titled “Trump VIOLENT THUGS STORM New York COURTROOM, Many INJURED.” A reader’s email raised doubts about the authenticity of the rumor.

According to The Associated Press, just hours before the release of the video in question, former U.S. President Donald Trump and his legal team had made their way to a Manhattan courtroom for the commencement of a no-jury fraud trial. This $250 million civil lawsuit has the potential to strip Trump of his control over Trump Tower and other highly valued properties.

According to the title of the YouTube video, it was alleged that supporters of Trump who were involved in violent protests managed to bypass the security personnel and gain access to the courtroom where the former president was facing the prosecution. This development was presented as a shocking revelation.

Upon investigation, we did not come across any instances of courtroom violence.

According to a report from, the crowds outside remained small and well-behaved during the event, despite expectations to the contrary.

We reached out to the New York State Unified Court System via email to inquire about the validity of the assertion that there had been instances of violence and physical harm in the courtroom while Trump was present.

Lucian Chalfen, who serves as the director of public information for the NYS Office of Court Administration, responded with a simple answer – “no.”

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