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Al Sharpton Criticizes Black Male Celebrities and Rappers for Endorsing Trump

In his recent appearance on MSNBC, Rev. Al Sharpton expressed his dismay over some rappers’ decision to support former President Donald Trump. Sharpton raised a valid point by questioning how Black people, including rappers, could back up Trump, considering his past track record. He specifically mentioned the Central Park Five case, a prime example of Trump’s racist tendencies. Sharpton’s words remind us that we should always be mindful of the people we support and the values they represent.

During his speech, Sharpton took the audience back to the 1990s, when five young Black and brown men were wrongfully accused of raping a white woman in Central Park. He highlighted that Donald Trump placed ads in New York newspapers advocating for the men to be sentenced to death.

After the event, Sharpton addressed the media and emphasized the shared experiences of young black men, including those incarcerated. He highlighted that one of the attendees had spent 13 years in jail and had joined them for the march. Sharpton called for more awareness to be raised about Trump’s actions towards innocent black men in his hometown and urged rappers and other black men not to be seduced by him.

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