Rob Gronkowski Pinpoints Reason For Josh Allen’s Struggles

Rob Gronkowski Explains the Cause of Josh Allen’s Struggles

In the Bills’ season opener against the New York Jets, Josh Allen’s performance was far from what Bills fans have come to expect from their MVP-level quarterback.

In terms of turnovers, Allen had a rough outing, as he threw three interceptions and also lost a fumble. His performance was a bit disappointing in this regard.

Ever since the playoffs of the previous season, it seems like Allen’s performance has taken a hit. But what could be causing this decline? Rob Gronkowski, the renowned tight end from the Patriots, might have some insight on the matter.

“That’s when Josh Allen really took off is when coach (Brian) Daboll took over quarterback and offensive coordinator position in Buffalo with the Bills,” Gronkowski told Kay Adams on the “Up & Adams” show on Wednesday. “And ever since he has left, Josh Allen has struggled. I’m telling you, coach Daboll can get to his players. … He was my position coach for three years. I saw him bring out the best in Josh Allen.

“So, if you want to see Josh Allen play good again, you want to see Josh Allen be on top of his game — it may happen, he had some flashes last year — but get coach Daboll back. But he’s too busy coaching for the Giants, so that’s not happening. They got to figure out a different route.”

During his time with the Patriots, Daboll played a crucial role in Allen’s growth as a quarterback. As the offensive coordinator from Allen’s selection in the seventh overall pick of the 2018 draft until 2022, Daboll helped transform Allen into one of the league’s best quarterbacks.

With Daboll’s guidance, Allen was able to overcome his struggles as a rookie and emerged as a dual-threat signal-caller. In fact, his impressive performance in 2020 earned him the second spot in the MVP voting.

Last season, the New York Giants were under the leadership of head coach Daboll, while Allen had to work with the team’s new offensive coordinator, Ken Dorsey. It’s worth noting that Dorsey was previously a part of the Buffalo Bills staff, serving as their quarterbacks coach before he was promoted.

Despite working with Allen for several years now, it appears that Dorsey has not been able to extract the same level of performance from him as Daboll did.

Gronkowski expressed his thoughts on Brian Daboll’s departure from Buffalo and his connection with Josh Allen. According to Gronkowski, Daboll had a strong rapport with Allen during their time together with the Bills. Gronkowski believes that Daboll misses working with Allen, emphasizing his point with the use of three “very”s.

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