arizona Locals Arrested for Distraction-Based Supermarket Scam with Elderly Women

Arizona Locals Arrested for Distraction-Based Supermarket Scam with Elderly Women

Toniesha Odom, 27, and Ahzane Williams, 26, both residents of Arizona, have recently been taken into custody for their involvement in a series of supermarket scams. The scam primarily targeted elderly female shoppers. As per the Scottsdale Police report, the suspects engaged their victims in conversations, mostly inside the supermarket, to distract them. While the victims were engrossed in the conversations, the suspects allegedly stole their valuable belongings.

Arizona women accused of identity theft targeting seniors

According to reports, the suspects were apprehended during a routine traffic stop. It has been alleged that the women used the stolen credit cards to buy gift cards, resulting in multiple charges, including aggravated identity theft. The police have linked the suspects to a minimum of four incidents recorded on September 9th.

According to police, two suspects in Scottsdale have been accused of stealing credit cards from elderly shoppers. One of the suspects would distract the shoppers while the other would take their credit cards. This scheme was used repeatedly and targeted specifically towards older individuals.

According to the latest news, the police arrested the suspects targeting elderly women at Scottsdale grocery stores and stealing their wallets. This is an alarming crime that has been happening in the area, and the authorities have taken swift action to catch the perpetrators. It is a relief to know that justice is being served, and the victims can feel a sense of security knowing that these criminals are behind bars.

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