Suspect shoots at female, leads authorities on chase through Alabama, Georgia before arrest - Police

Police pursue suspect through Alabama and Georgia after he shoots woman: Police

According to police, a woman was targeted by a suspect in north Alabama on Thursday, who fired multiple shots at her before fleeing the scene. Law enforcement officials pursued the suspect as he drove through two states before finally apprehending him.

According to Chief Stephen Malone, the Ider police officers were alerted to a report of gunshots on DeKalb County Road 141. As they arrived at the scene, they noticed a car speeding out of a driveway.

According to Malone, the chase continued as it crossed into Georgia, and deputies from both the DeKalb County and Dade County sheriff’s offices joined in the pursuit.

According to Malone, the police officers in Trenton, Georgia utilized spike strips on Highway 136 to hit the suspect’s tires, and it proved to be effective.

As the suspect’s car came to a halt, it made a sharp turn into the Dollar General Store located at the corner of Pace Drive.

After the incident, the suspect, who goes by the name of Justice Michael Reeves, abandoned the vehicle and ran toward Dade Middle School. The school authorities immediately put the school into lockdown for the safety of the students and faculty.

Malone confirmed that Reeves was apprehended before he could reach the school.

According to the chief, the individual in question is facing felony charges in Georgia and is currently awaiting extradition back to Alabama to face additional felony charges in Ider.

The law enforcement officials at the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office are currently looking into the shooting incident. They have not yet pressed any charges, but they are expected to do so soon.

According to Malone, the fact that there were no significant injuries after the shooting and police pursuit that spanned across multiple jurisdictions and states is nothing short of a miracle. He commends the law enforcement officials such as DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden, Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross, and Trenton Chief Steve Beaudoin for the exceptional staff they have maintained. This incident is a testament to the dedication and hard work put in by these officials to ensure public safety.

Malone expressed gratitude for the brave individuals who risk their lives to serve their communities. “Thank God for these men and women who go above and beyond,” he stated.

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