Woman Fired From Company After Video Showed Her Xenophobic Rant (1)

Company Terminates Woman Following Xenophobic Rant Caught on Video

According to TMZ, a woman was terminated from her job following a xenophobic tirade in which she referred to German tourists as “f**king immigrants” and insisted that they leave “our country.”

Brianna Pinnix, who previously worked as a talent acquisition specialist at Capital Rx, made headlines when a video of her giving a stern rebuke to a group of men on a train bound for NYC was uploaded on Reddit. The incident garnered public attention on Tuesday morning and quickly spread across social media platforms.

According to TMZ, Capital Rx’s representative they made a statement on Thursday, stating that their company has a strict policy against discriminatory behaviour or actions. They investigated the situation and took immediate action by terminating the employee involved.

According to the spokesperson, the actions and words of the ex-employee do not align with the values of Capital Rx. The company profoundly regrets any hurt caused and sincerely apologises to those affected. Capital Rx takes pride in its diverse workforce and remains committed to creating a culture of inclusion. The organization will continue investing in its DEI programs to ensure all employees feel valued and appreciated.

According to the initial report by The New York Post, Pinnix’s termination was brought to light.

As seen in the Reddit video, Pinnix confronts the men beside her and begins berating them while her companion tries to intervene and calm the situation down on the train.

As the confrontation escalated, Pinnix stood up and leaned in close to one of the men, demanding to know what he had said. “What did you say? Tell me now!” she shouted, her companion pleading to calm down and avoid getting arrested. Despite the warning, Pinnix remained determined to confront the man and resolve the situation.

Despite the man’s evident frustration, Pinnix persists in yelling at him. This only escalates the situation as the man stands up and raises his voice in response. Eventually, he sits back down, clearly exasperated by Pinnix’s behaviour.

As the woman continues to express her negative views, the other passengers on board the vehicle express their disapproval. One woman even goes so far as to state, “That’s messed up,” indicating her strong opposition to the woman’s vitriolic comments.

According to several Reddit users, Pinnix’s behaviour seemed to indicate that she was under the influence of alcohol. However, while this observation may be accurate, it does not justify her actions, ultimately leading to her losing her job.

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