4 teens killed in stolen Kia

4 teens killed in Prince George’s stolen Kia crash after police pursuit

On Friday evening, a tragic incident occurred in Glenarden, Maryland, where a stolen car crashed into a tree, resulting in the death of four teenagers. Family members have now come forward to identify two of the victims.

On Friday at around 7 p.m., cousins Serenity Sellman, aged 15, and Dartrel Byers, aged 17, were together when they were picked up by two other teenagers in a stolen Kia Sorento.

As per the accounts of the family members, they boarded the Kia without any knowledge that the vehicle was stolen during a carjacking incident in Greenbelt earlier that day.

Latasha Hamilton, Serenity’s godmother, said that Serenity would never have willingly entered a stolen car. According to Hamilton, Serenity was picked up from her house by her stepfather. Had he known the vehicle was stolen, Serenity would not have entered it and would likely still be with us today.

According to Hamilton, the family is currently grieving and having difficulty coming to terms with the loss of Serenity and Darrel.

“It’s impossible to describe the devastation we feel,” she expressed. “We are completely crushed and lost for words. Those innocent babies were just that – babies. Not a single grown person was in that car. It’s heartbreaking.”

According to the carjacking victim, five approached him on Edmonston Court around 1 a.m. on Friday and demanded his car keys. One of the suspects was armed with a long gun. In a moment of quick thinking, the victim threw the keys and fled the scene to avoid any further harm.

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According to the Prince George’s County police, they came across the vehicle at the Lottsford Road and Palmetto Drive intersection around 7:30 p.m. on Friday. An officer initiated a chase but eventually lost sight of the car, prompting the officer to disengage from the pursuit, as per police reports.

According to police, a witness reported that the car overtook them on the shoulder approximately four minutes before colliding with a tree on Woodmore Road.

Hamilton expressed her desire for accurate information, stating that she and others want answers and clarity on the events that led to the situation. “We’re just ready for the correct facts,” she emphasized, adding that it’s essential to know precisely what happened to the person in question.

The Prince George’s County police have not identified the teenagers involved in the incident. The authorities have not yet determined who was behind the wheel during the incident.

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