Sunday morning shooting near DC Police substation

An investigation is underway regarding a shooting near a DC Police substation on Sunday morning.

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The MPD is currently investigating a shooting that took place in Southeast on Sunday morning.

Washington is the location of the event being discussed in this article.

On Sunday morning, a shooting incident occurred in Southeast, which is currently being investigated by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

According to the authorities, a distress call occurred at approximately 11:15 a.m., reporting a shooting incident in the 2700 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, SE. The police officers who responded to the call found a man who had been shot and needed immediate medical attention.

According to MPD, the man was taken to a hospital nearby for treatment of injuries that were not life-threatening.

Right where this shooting occurred is a substation of the Metropolitan Police Department.

According to the authorities, the individual believed to be responsible for the shooting hastily left the area in a black Nissan Altima, with another vehicle trailing closely behind.

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