California police warn about scam of a ‘dropped $20 bill’

According to a recent report by FOX40 News, the Yuba City Police Department is alerting residents about a new scam that involves a “dropped $20 bill.” This scam has reportedly led to several cases of debit card theft at grocery stores and ATMs, prompting law enforcement agencies to issue a warning to the public. In light of this, the police department is urging residents to remain vigilant and cautious when they spot a dropped bill, especially in crowded areas. It is essential to keep an eye on your belongings and avoid providing any personal information to strangers. Stay safe and informed to avoid falling prey to such scams.

Police reports indicate that the scam has been widespread across California.

Initially, perpetrators tend to glance over the shoulder of their targets as they enter their debit card’s personal identification number onto a checkout keypad.

Following that, the culprits will then make their way towards the target and offer them a $20 bill, claiming that it belongs to the victim and was dropped by them.

Following this, the perpetrators typically approach their victim once more, often in a parking lot, and request that the $20 bill be returned to them.

According to authorities, the second suspect in the robbery scheme deliberately diverts the attention of the victim while they take out their wallet or purse. This diversion tactic often involves getting too close to the victim and making exaggerated hand movements.

In this situation, the initial perpetrator will typically seize the debit card without the victim’s knowledge or awareness.

According to law enforcement, the individuals involved in the crime proceed to utilize the card for buying or withdrawing funds.

It is highly recommended by officials to exercise caution and be vigilant when using a debit card or disclosing personal information in a public place. It is crucial to safeguard sensitive data and avoid potential identity theft or fraud.

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