Family watches as teen dives into Manhattan's East River

Family watches as teen dives into Manhattan’s East River and gets swept away

On Sunday, the lower Manhattan waterfront was closely watched by the great-aunt of a teenager who had jumped into the East River. The police divers were conducting their third day of search for the missing boy, leaving the grieving great-aunt in a sad state.

According to Alena Godfrey, a 60-year-old woman, her grandnephew, Kavion Brown, who is only 13 years old, was encouraged by his friends to jump as a dare on Friday. Godfrey suggested that authorities take a closer look at social media and schools to identify the individuals with the suspect. He emphasized that it is essential to investigate this matter thoroughly as several children might be involved.

On Friday at around 4 p.m., Kavion bravely leapt into the water near E. 6th St. at East River Park. However, his adventure led to a search operation by the NYPD Harbor Unit and the Aviation Unit chopper, with boats and divers involved. Unfortunately, as of Sunday, Kavion is yet to be found.

According to Godfrey, the individual removed his clothes and was left in his basketball shorts before entering the water. Tragically, he did not resurface. Standing watch by the river in Midtown, Godfrey was tasked by Kavion’s grandmother, who also happens to be her sister, to be there in case the police recover his body from the water.

As soccer players competed on a nearby field, joggers and fishermen shared the pedestrian walkway with an NYPD patrol car parked nearby. Godfrey shared that she closely watched the scuba divers at the beginning of her watch on Saturday, observing their every move. As the sun began to set, she realized there wasn’t much they could do and eventually went home. The following day, she resumed her watch and monitored the situation closely.

On Sunday, the divers conducted a low tide search of the water. She warned, “This water is a death trap. I have been urging these people to take action regarding the fences and the water.” As a regular visitor to the parks, 32-year-old Sergio Perryman from Manhattan finds the water appears safe, though he remains cautious.

He cautioned, “Falling into that can be quite challenging. The visibility is limited to just a few inches, and there’s no way to predict what debris or other obstacles lie beneath the surface. Moreover, there are hardly any escape routes available in such situations.”

According to Godfrey, Kavion was a regular teenager who loved sports and happened to be the oldest among his four brothers. According to her, he is like any other child who loves sports and enjoys playing basketball with his brothers. He attends school regularly and leads an everyday life.

She said she started high school this fall and is excited about the new experience. According to the mother, her son enjoys listening to music and playing video games. He is fond of video games, but despite this, he is a reserved child who does not spend time on the streets. The family is closely knit and prefers to spend time together.

According to the source, the family and parents of the individual in question are highly involved in his life. They ensure he stays on track and doesn’t veer off course. The family seems to place a lot of emphasis on having fun and ensuring that the kids can experience all the joys of childhood, such as Christmas and Halloween, every year. They are also keen on outdoor activities and take the kids to amusement parks, go-kart riding, and laser tag.

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