New Orleans men detained after Arabi traffic stop, drug bust

It is important to note that every individual is considered innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law. This is a fundamental principle that should be upheld and respected in all situations. On Thursday, October 19, authorities arrested two men from New Orleans after a drug bust and traffic stop in Arabi.

Agents from the Special Investigations Narcotics Division of the St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office were on patrol when they observed a Chevrolet Suburban with a defective tail light driving near West Judge Perez Drive.

SBSO identified the driver of the car as 43-year-old Alton Mark. During the incident, agents had to conduct a traffic stop as Mark had allegedly exited the vehicle and refused to comply with the agents’ requests. According to SBSO officials, they apprehended Mark after a physical altercation. They also reported that Victor Derouselle, a 55-year-old passenger, was taken into custody.

While conducting a stop, agents detected the odour of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. Consequently, a search of the car was initiated, during which agents discovered multiple hand-rolled cigars filled with marijuana, a digital scale and several clear plastic bags.

The SBSO reported that Mark’s lack of cooperation with the deputies at the jail gave them reason to suspect that he had hidden illegal narcotics in a body cavity. A comprehensive body scan was conducted upon his transfer to the Plaquemines Parish Prison. According to the SBSO officials, the scan revealed the presence of an object.

A warrant was acquired to extract the item from a medical facility, as per their statement. Mark was found to have illicit substances following an investigation by SBSO officials. Two clear plastic bags, weighing approximately 34 grams, containing both cocaine and fentanyl, along with one clear plastic bag, weighing about 18 grams, containing heroin and fentanyl, were recovered from him. One clear plastic bag containing approximately two grams of crack cocaine and fentanyl was also seized.

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