During large NYC anti-Israel protest, 19 arrested, NYPD clashes

During large NYC anti-Israel protest, 19 arrested, NYPD clashes

According to authorities, the tumultuous protest against Israel in Brooklyn resulted in the arrest of 19 individuals. The event drew thousands of demonstrators who engaged in clashes with the police. The NYPD reported that 16 protesters were arrested and given criminal court summonses, with three others being taken into custody but released on desk appearance tickets.

Over the weekend, the NYPD had a tough time handling the “Flood Brooklyn for Palestine” protest that resulted in the closure of Bay Ridge’s traffic for hours. The demonstrators, who were waving the Palestinian flag, caused chaos by throwing eggs at the police and starting fires on the street.

A protester, who appeared to be a young individual, was observed attempting to prevent law enforcement officers from taking away a woman who was holding a sign that read “Zionism is Genocide.” According to a source from law enforcement, the situation was quite intense.

An NYPD spokesperson stated that officers came across a crowd during a protest that was not permitted. Although the majority of the crowd was peaceful, some demonstrators were combative and aggressive towards the officers. After the use of the LRAD device, some individuals within the crowd pushed, shoved, and struck the officers.

According to a statement by the NYPD, officers were hit by various objects, such as eggs, fireworks, and bottles, during the disruptive behavior. In response, the officers tried to restore order by apprehending those who were responsible for these actions. While the NYPD supports peaceful protests, it does not tolerate any form of violence against its officers.

According to the police, Marwan Hamed, Gabriella Flanagan, and Umahani Hamad were the three individuals who were apprehended on misdemeanor charges. According to authorities, Hamed, a 29-year-old resident of Staten Island, has been charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and failure to use the sidewalk.

According to the NYPD, Flanagan, a 23-year-old resident of Brooklyn, has been accused of several charges including resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration, disorderly conduct, and failure to use a sidewalk.

According to the police, Hamad, who is 18 years old and from Brooklyn, has been accused of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. With a sizable Arab-American community, Bay Ridge has become the site of ongoing protests following the unexpected attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel that resulted in the deaths of over 1,400 Israelis. The recent unrest in the area is just one example of the string of demonstrations that have taken place in response to this tragic event.

Protests have erupted in multiple locations including New York City after Israel launched retaliatory strikes in the Gaza Strip. On Saturday, approximately 5,000 protestors gathered at 72nd Street and Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge to demand the US withdraw its support for Israel. The unrest continued to unfold as the demonstrators took to the streets.

During the demonstration, a protester emphasized that their group was not like others who were merely advocating for a cease-fire. They were demanding more than just an end to the genocide – they wanted an end to the siege, blockade, and occupation as well. Ari Kagan, a councilman from the city, strongly criticized the protest, describing it as “shameless.”

Stay updated with the latest developments on Hamas’ assault on Israel by keeping up with The Post’s live blog. On X, Kagan emphasized that the rally was not intended to promote the two-state solution or to free kidnapped Israelis and Americans. He also pointed out that the liberation of Gaza from Hamas was not a priority at the event.

“I strongly condemn the pro-Hamas and anti-Israel rally. It is a shameful event that goes against the values of peace and coexistence.” A day after the Democratic Socialists of America sponsored a demonstration where almost 200 pro-Palestinian protesters were arrested for obstructing traffic in Manhattan, a noisy rally took place.

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