SWAT team rescues man from 18-wheeler following hourslong standoff on East Freeway

A strange confrontation between a big rig driver and authorities on the East Freeway in Houston, Texas, reached its conclusion after a three-hour standoff on Wednesday afternoon.

Around 1 p.m., the scene unfolded as SkyEye captured the moment Harris County Sheriff’s deputies engaged in a pursuit of an 18-wheeler. The massive vehicle was slowly making its way along the shoulder of the I-10 main lanes, near Sheldon Road.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez of Harris County provides an update following the apprehension of the driver during the East Freeway standoff involving an 18-wheeler.

The truck initially moved at a snail’s pace before coming to a complete stop. However, one wheel could still be seen spinning as the truck remained motionless on the shoulder of the freeway.

A video from SkyEye captured the closure of all lanes on the East Freeway after a slow-speed chase concluded.

The driver of the vehicle was surrounded by authorities, who had their guns drawn, but the driver refused to exit the vehicle.

The reason for the pursuit at approximately 1 p.m. on Wednesday remains unclear. Deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s office deployed spike strips multiple times, spanning several miles, in order to halt the vehicle.

Additional law enforcement experts arrived at the scene via helicopter shortly before 3 p.m.

The driver of the big rig refused to exit the vehicle even as the Harris County Sheriff’s Office helicopter landed on the East Freeway. The wheels of the truck were spinning as the chase came to an end.

The driver was in communication with crisis negotiators.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez gave an update on the conclusion of a slow-speed chase involving an 18-wheeler on the East Freeway.

Shooting suspect remains attached to tactical equipment during last summer’s standoff.

An Eyewitness News camera captured the moment when SWAT officers forcefully entered a home’s second floor to apprehend a man who allegedly caused harm to four law enforcement officers.

At 4 p.m., the authorities deployed a K9 officer into the truck, while the SWAT teams safely apprehended the driver. He was then taken into custody and transported in an ambulance. It was confirmed that no weapons were discovered during the initial search of the big rig.

The East Freeway experienced a complete closure in both directions near Sheldon Road, causing long hours of standstill traffic. Frustrated drivers were left stranded on the road, with some even resorting to walking around as they waited for a solution to the gridlock.

Traffic on the East Freeway came to a halt when a pursuit with an 18-wheeler driver escalated into a tense standoff.

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