Huge Fight at End of Alabama-Auburn Game Tramples Referee

After Alabama’s stunning late touchdown pass, thrown by quarterback Jalen Milroe to wide receiver Isaiah Bond, which saved the Crimson Tide from Auburn’s potential upset in the Iron Bowl, a scuffle erupted between players from both teams during the subsequent kickoff.

During the chaos, as officials attempted to intervene and disperse the fight, the game’s lead referee became entangled and was inadvertently trampled by several players. Fortunately, he seemed to be unharmed after the incident, which resulted in multiple offsetting penalties. It was certainly a frightening moment amidst the commotion.

Luke Deal, the Auburn tight end, extended a helping hand to the fallen player after most of the pile narrowly missed him.

The officials once again became the center of attention during the contest. CBS Sports’ Brad Nessler and Gary Danielson were left speechless by a missed facemask penalty in the first quarter.

The Crimson Tide managed to secure a narrow 27-24 victory, keeping their hopes alive for the College Football Playoff as they head into the SEC title game next Saturday.

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