Cher Sparks Fan Concerns as She’s Seen Outside Her Hotel on Thanksgiving: ‘She Can’t Even Walk’

Cher delighted audiences at this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade with a breathtaking performance of her new Christmas song, “DJ Play A Christmas Song,” from her latest holiday album. Following her stellar performance, Cher was spotted leaving her hotel room in a stylish all-black ensemble, complete with matching boots. With the assistance of her dedicated bodyguard, she gracefully made her way into her awaiting vehicle.

Shortly after, an Instagram post by entertainment photographer Elder Ordonez caught the attention of users. The post featured a clip of the singer Cher walking to her car with the caption, “Cher is seen leaving her Hotel just hours after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City this afternoon.” The photo sparked concerns among viewers who noticed that Cher appeared stressed and had difficulty walking.

Fans react to Cher’s video

Some fans speculated that the unsteady gait of the Burlesque actress in the video was due to old age. “How old is she now? She can’t even walk,” one person remarked. Others thought that she might be tired from the performance and needed to remove her seemingly heavy boots. “Looks like she’s half asleep,” someone joked.

Several individuals stepped forward to support the legendary singer against those who criticized her age. One fan firmly defended her, pointing out that she is 77 years old and challenging the critics to imagine their own mobility at that age. Another fan empathized, acknowledging that aging is a natural part of life. Meanwhile, amidst the debate surrounding her age, many fans chose to focus on Cher’s remarkable style and talent throughout the years. One comment expressed admiration for Cher, recalling a personal connection from the past.

Cher’s thoughts on aging

Cher has always been open about the subject of aging, emphasizing that age holds little significance for her. In a recent interview with Good Morning Britain, the renowned singer discussed her continued preference for wearing jeans and maintaining her dark and luscious hair, regardless of society’s expectations for women in her age group. She expressed disbelief at the fact that she will eventually turn 80, stating that she plans to continue pursuing the same activities she has always enjoyed.

Cher, known as the Goddess of Pop, doesn’t put much effort into looking young. She attributes her natural radiance to her good genes. Instead of chasing youth, she embraces her age and focuses on staying healthy. In a book she co-authored in the early ’90s, Cher shared some of her secrets to maintaining good health. She revealed that she quit smoking, avoids drugs, doesn’t drink coffee, rarely consumes alcohol or eats red meat. By making these choices, she believes she is ahead of the game when it comes to taking care of her well-being.

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