The poorest town in Texas is Carrizo Hill,

This Town Has Been Named the Poorest in Texas, And Its Name Is Shocking!

The poorest town in Texas is Carrizo Hill, according to a 2023 report by the U.S. Census Bureau. The town has a median household income of just $9,110, which is 86.5% lower than the statewide median income. Over 96% of the town’s population lives below the poverty line.

Carrizo Hill is a small town of about 400 people located in Atascosa County, about 50 miles southwest of San Antonio. The town’s economy is largely based on agriculture, but the industry has declined in recent years. As a result, many residents have lost their jobs and fallen into poverty.

The town’s high poverty rate has led to a number of social problems, including high crime rates and low educational attainment. Carrizo Hill also has a high number of people who lack access to health care and other essential services.

In this article, we explore the factors that contribute to Carrizo Hill’s dire economic situation, examining the town’s economic decline, high cost of living, lack of access to education and job training, and the pervasive issue of discrimination.

Carrizo Hill: A Snapshot

Situated about 50 miles southwest of San Antonio, Carrizo Hill is a predominantly agricultural community grappling with significant economic hardships. The town’s economy, once rooted in agriculture, has witnessed a decline in recent years, resulting in job losses for many residents and a median household income that is 86.5% lower than the statewide median.

Factors Contributing to Carrizo Hill’s Poverty

1. Economic Decline

The mechanization of agriculture and the closure of local businesses have been primary contributors to Carrizo Hill’s economic downturn. The adoption of advanced farming technology has diminished the demand for human labor, leading to widespread job losses. Simultaneously, the closure of local businesses has further compounded the issue by reducing employment opportunities within the town.

2. High Cost of Living

Carrizo Hill faces a high cost of living, particularly when compared to other rural areas in Texas. Factors such as exorbitant housing and transportation costs contribute significantly to the financial strain experienced by residents. Limited housing availability and the rural nature of the town contribute to elevated housing costs, while the necessity of long-distance travel for essential services amplifies transportation expenses.

3. Lack of Access to Education and Job Training

The town’s high school dropout rate is a concerning aspect of Carrizo Hill’s educational landscape. Limited opportunities for education and job training exacerbate the challenge, making it arduous for residents to secure well-paying jobs. The small size and rural location of Carrizo Hill further restrict access to educational resources and vocational training programs.

4. Discrimination

Carrizo Hill, being predominantly Hispanic, faces issues of discrimination that hinder residents from escaping the clutches of poverty. Instances of employers refusing to hire Hispanic workers or paying them lower wages contribute to the economic struggles of the community. Discrimination extends beyond the job market, making it difficult for Hispanic residents to access essential services, including education and healthcare.

Addressing the Challenges

To uplift Carrizo Hill from its status as the poorest town in Texas, it is crucial to address the root causes of its economic distress. Implementing targeted interventions to counteract economic decline, providing affordable housing solutions, enhancing educational opportunities, and combatting discrimination are essential steps toward revitalizing the town.

1. Economic Revitalization

Initiatives aimed at diversifying the local economy and fostering sustainable agriculture practices can mitigate the impact of economic decline. Encouraging the establishment of new businesses and investing in technology that complements traditional industries can create employment opportunities for residents.

2. Affordable Housing Solutions

Addressing the housing crisis in Carrizo Hill requires a multifaceted approach. Collaborations with public and private entities can facilitate the construction of affordable housing units, alleviating the burden on residents. Additionally, exploring policies that promote homeownership and rental assistance programs can contribute to a more stable housing market.

3. Educational Empowerment

Investing in education is crucial for breaking the cycle of poverty. Carrizo Hill needs targeted programs to reduce its high school dropout rate and enhance access to vocational training. Partnerships with educational institutions and community organizations can provide resources and support needed to empower residents with the skills for better employment prospects.

4. Combating Discrimination

Addressing discrimination requires a comprehensive approach involving community outreach, awareness campaigns, and enforcement of anti-discrimination laws. Collaboration with advocacy groups and local government agencies can help create an inclusive environment, fostering equal opportunities for all residents.


Carrizo Hill’s designation as the poorest town in Texas is a stark reminder of the challenges faced by communities grappling with economic decline, high living costs, and discrimination. While the road to recovery may be long, concerted efforts to address these factors can pave the way for a brighter future. By implementing targeted interventions, Carrizo Hill has the potential to overcome its current struggles, fostering economic growth, educational empowerment, and inclusivity for all residents.

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