“Baby-faced terror” arrested after alleged spree of armed robberies

Police arrest “baby-faced terror” following a series of alleged armed robberies

A “baby-faced terror” who is only 14 years old is now facing additional charges related to six armed robberies in the Bronx. According to legal records and sources, this brings his alleged involvement to nearly 20 such incidents.

The accused, a teenager whose identity remains undisclosed due to his age, is facing charges for the crimes committed. Among the charges is a particularly alarming case where he reportedly threatened a 12-year-old girl by brandishing a firearm.

Some officers are unsettled by the fact that the teenager is being charged as a juvenile under state law.

According to an NYPD officer, the culprit is a young-looking menace who must be apprehended before causing more severe harm and facing charges in adult court.

The victims had their pockets searched by the muggers, who stole a cell phone, a credit card, a debit card, a driver’s license, and an unspecified sum of money.

It is believed that he escaped from the crime scene with the victim’s cash and phone.

Around 7 p.m., the 14-year-old reportedly trailed a brother and sister into 212 East Tremont Ave. He then aimed a gun at one of them and snatched a $5 debit card straight from their pocket.

According to reports, the two individuals made off with a phone, wallet, bank cards, and a sum of $2,600 in cash. In their haste to escape, they discharged multiple rounds of gunfire before fleeing in a southerly direction down Jerome Avenue. Fortunately, no one was harmed during the incident.

Around 1:50 am on October 20, the teenager was finally caught after committing the most recent robbery. He and his three accomplices approached a victim at the corner of Grand Concourse and East Bedford Park Boulevard.

Based on the arrest report, the thief forcibly demanded that the victim surrender their money and even resorted to pistol-whipping. Ultimately, the group managed to escape with a total of $60 from the victim’s pocket.

According to sources from law enforcement, the teenager has been associated with 23 cases of armed robbery. It is not yet clear if these cases are still open or if they have been sealed under the laws for youthful offenders.

On December 1, the court hearing of the teenager, who is currently detained in a juvenile facility, is set to take place.

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