Anaheim police fatally shoot sexual-assault suspect outside gas station

Anaheim Police Shoot and Kill Suspect Accused of Sexual Assault at Gas Station

In Anaheim, a man who was accused of sexual assault and was reportedly armed with a knife was shot and killed by police officers on Tuesday afternoon.

At approximately 1 p.m., a tragic incident occurred near Orangewood Drive and Harbor Boulevard. The suspect involved unfortunately passed away at the scene, but thankfully, no officers were harmed during the incident, as confirmed by the Anaheim police.

An ARCO station at the intersection was surrounded by the police, who created a perimeter around it. The body was found in the gas station parking lot and remained at the scene for hours as the police conducted their investigation.

According to authorities, the situation unfolded when law enforcement officials were apprehending a suspect who was wanted for sexual assault. The individual in question attempted to flee from the officers but was intercepted by them at the intersection. A heated altercation ensued, ultimately leading to the officers resorting to firearms.

It has been reported that a knife, which is believed to belong to the suspect, has been found at the scene.

The place is just a short walk from the famous Anaheim Convention Center and Disneyland.

Foreign visitors were taken aback upon learning about the nearby unrest during their travels.

As he and his family were en route to Disneyland, Peter Wortley, a father from New Zealand, was taken aback by the scene that unfolded before him. “I didn’t expect it,” he said, still in shock. “We don’t see this kind of thing back home. It’s unfortunate. I can’t imagine how the family of the person who passed away is feeling right now.” The incident occurred in the Anaheim resort area, where such occurrences are uncommon and unexpected.

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