Hundreds of outraged NYC parents protest after video shows man beat boy, 13

Hundreds of NYC parents protest after video shows man beating 13-year-old.

Hundreds of parents took to the streets before a school board meeting this week to demand action over a brutal attack on a Brooklyn middle schooler. The incident occurred when a grown man got into a scuffle with the student over a basketball game and ended up pummelling him. The attack was so severe that it sparked outrage among the local community, who are now calling for justice to be served.

On September 28, Brian, a 13-year-old boy whose identity is being kept confidential by The Post, was playing basketball with his friends at IS 201 in Dyker Heights. During the game, two classmates, who were brothers, attempted to join the game forcefully, leading to a clash with Brian and his friends.

According to Brian’s family, the childhood argument between the brothers became more serious when they involved their family and one of their relatives showed up.

As Brian lay on the ground, a video captured the man punching and kicking him.

As the video footage shows, he instinctively tried to protect his head as one of the brothers punched him.

A distressing video clip depicted a bystander attempting to intervene and end the assault. Despite the bystander’s efforts, the attacker once again knocked Brian to the ground, while a young boy proceeded to kick him.

Police stated that the attacker left the scene; however, two days later, the assailant appeared at the boy’s residence accompanied by a group wielding baseball bats and shouting derogatory remarks directed towards Asians, as reported by Brian’s family.

The group was urged to leave by a cousin, but things quickly escalated into a violent altercation as objects were hurled and punches were exchanged.

Hassan Saab, 24, was arrested by the police for allegedly attacking Brian on the basketball court and for the assault outside his home.

According to the police report, Saab is facing charges of assault, weapon possession, and harassment. He reportedly had a scooter handle as a weapon.

The family expressed their fear regarding Saab’s return, stating that they do not want the situation to worsen and are seeking justice for what has happened.

Community members are expressing their outrage and demanding that Saab face the maximum charges possible. Additionally, they are calling for the criminal case against Brian’s father to be dismissed.

During a rally outside of PS 264 in Bay Ridge on Wednesday, Karlin Chan, a community activist, spoke on behalf of the family and stated that the act was in self-defense as the homeowner was protecting his home.

Approximately 300 individuals gathered to condemn bullying and demand justice for the vicious assaults.

Lucy Ao expressed her concern about the bullying incidents that are not only limited to schools. As her elementary-aged children are soon to attend IS 201, she worries about their safety and well-being.

Jim Zhen, a father from Williamsburg, expressed his concern by stating, “Today it happened to their family, but tomorrow it could happen to my family.”

During the rally, Chan revealed that the case was not being investigated as a hate crime, which prompted one woman in the crowd to speak out and urge him not to deny the possibility. This incident highlights the spike in anti-Asian attacks that have been occurring recently, causing concern and fear among the Asian American community.

Yiatin Chu, a parent leader, emphasized the significance of advocating for our necessities. She stated that we should stand up, speak out, and fight for our children’s safety, quality education, and a comfortable learning environment.

State Senator Iwen Chu has come forward to defend the family of the boy in question and has pledged her office’s support for them.

Chu emphasized that the safety of our children should never be compromised. She firmly stated that such behavior must face the appropriate consequences.

Saab and his lawyer have not provided any comment as of yet.

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