Pro-Bowl Eagles player comments on Josh Allen, a message the national media must hear

Philadelphia Eagles Pro Bowl cornerback Darius Slay recently shared his thoughts on Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, and it’s important that the national media takes note of his comments.

Somehow, despite the Bills’ defense being responsible for their overtime loss to the Eagles, the national narrative is placing the blame on Allen as the reason for the team potentially missing the playoffs.

After witnessing the Bills’ defeat against the Eagles, it’s hard to grasp the notion that anything positive could be taken away from the game.

Slay agrees with that sentiment.

When asked about Allen after the Eagles’ win, Slay praised his performance, stating, “He was doing his thing today.” Slay expressed confusion over the criticism Allen receives for his turnovers, saying, “I don’t know why a lot of media give him a little bad talk because of turnovers.” Slay highlighted the fact that Allen threw the ball 51 times in the game, emphasizing the difficulty of avoiding turnovers with such a high number of pass attempts. Slay concluded by acknowledging that while it’s important to take care of the ball, throwing 51 times inevitably increases the chances of an interception.

The Bills owe a great deal of their success in the game against the Eagles to Allen. It’s as simple as that. While there may be numerous issues plaguing Buffalo, Allen is not at the forefront of those concerns. This sentiment is echoed by his fellow players, highlighting the value he brings to the team.

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