Serial Killer from Louisiana Admits to Murders

Serial Killer from Louisiana Admits to Murders During Live Interview on The Howard Stern Show

According to reports, there was a live call from “Clay the Serial Killer” hailing from New Orleans to the famous radio show, The Howard Stern Show. During the call, the caller allegedly confessed to murdering 12 women, which had caught the attention of the FBI.

Serial Killer Appears on The Howard Stern Show

Back in August 1997, a man who went by the name “Clay the Serial Killer” claimed to be a notorious serial murderer in New Orleans, Louisiana. During his appearance on The Howard Stern Show, he shockingly confessed to committing more than 12 murders, all while sounding quite relaxed and casual on-air.

We use the term lowbrow, not to criticize in any way. With his immense wealth and unparalleled fame in the broadcasting industry, it goes without saying that he is undoubtedly exceptional at what he does.

Upon receiving a message from the call screener about a listener named Ed who allegedly confessed to killing prostitutes, Stern wasted no time in putting him on air.

At the beginning of the phone call, Stern seemed a bit unsure of who he was speaking to, repeatedly asking “Is this Ed? Ed?” in an attempt to confirm the caller’s identity.

The caller’s response was laced with irritation as they firmly stated, “No, I never mentioned that my name was Ed.” Their tone almost seemed to suggest, “How dare you make such a mistake.”

As per the statement made by the individual in question, it appears that there has been a misunderstanding regarding their name. They want to clarify that they have never claimed to be Ed, nor have they ever introduced themselves as such.

It is important to note that names are an integral part of our identity. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that we address individuals by their correct name, as it is a sign of respect and acknowledgement of their individuality.

As soon as Stern and Robin comprehended the gravity of the situation, they realized that the person on the other end of the line could potentially be a vicious serial killer. They carefully interrogated Clay, hoping to extract some valuable information that could aid the authorities in their investigation.

Inquiring further into Clay’s actions, Stern probes into the reasons behind his killings, as well as the techniques he employs in carrying them out. He even inquires about any tattoos Clay may have. However, the caller proves to be astute and cautious, refraining from implicating himself in any way.

The whole conversation is incredibly unsettling, but certain moments are downright petrifying. The fact that this individual was actively pursuing and murdering innocent individuals along I-10, just a few hours away, is bone-chilling.

According to reports, the FBI visited Stern’s studios the day after this segment was aired on B97, during the station’s short-lived stint as a “Hot Talk” radio format. Their purpose was to collect the audio as evidence.

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