Two men killed after unlicensed drunk driver slams into them

Two men are killed when an unlicensed drunk driver crashes into them

As tears streamed down her face, neighbor Kathryn Jenkins spoke of the kindness and warmth exuded by the individuals in question, stating “These are truly the most wonderful and compassionate people.”

On Thanksgiving, outside the residence of 51-year-old Jose Huerta on Shattuck Place, a tragic event occurred. Jose and his colleague, 59-year-old Manuel Ortiz, were trying to fix a broken-down car when Umberto Lopez Flores crashed into them. This fatal accident resulted in the immediate death of both men.

According to a nearby resident, Huerta’s wife rushed out of their apartment in a state of panic, only to discover her husband’s lifeless body lying on the street.

The Orange Police Department shared a photo which showed an empty beer can underneath Flores’ gold F-250. The accused drunk driver attempted to flee from the scene of the crash while being chased by neighbors. Flores was able to evade them for a while before officers arrived and found him hiding around the corner.

Police were able to locate Flores within an hour of the fatal crash with the help of a cellphone picture shared by an individual.

Huerta is survived by his wife and two teenage daughters.

Jenkins recalled how the man used to get up early on weekends and serenade his wife with his melodious voice. They would often take leisurely walks on their street, enjoying each other’s company. However, all that came to a tragic end when a reckless driver, under the influence of alcohol, ended the man’s life. Now, the once vibrant and loving couple will never be seen walking together again.

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