Joshua Starr shot and killed outside of D.C. apartment building

Joshua Starr shot and killed outside D.C. apartment building

Chrisleen Herard, a contributor for the AFRO, wrote the following piece.

Metropolitan Police reported that Joshua Starr, aged 37, lost his life on October 5th outside his apartment complex in Southeast, D.C.

Authorities from the Seventh District Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) were alerted by the sounds of gunshots coming from the 2600 block of Douglas Road, Southeast, shortly before noon on Oct. 5. Upon arriving at the scene, officers found Starr with multiple gunshot injuries and he unfortunately passed away on-site.

According to Joshua’s sister, Valencia, in a GoFundMe post following the incident, Joshua was an exceptional individual who had a positive impact on the lives of those around him. He was a loving son, brother, uncle, nephew, and friend. Joshua had committed his life to pursuing a career in HVAC and was on track to graduate from his program in the coming days. Valencia expressed the desire to give Joshua a fitting memorial to celebrate his life and offer a final farewell.

If you have any information that can help the police find the person responsible for the tragic incident, the MPD is willing to offer up to $25,000 as a reward. You can get in touch with the department by calling 202-727-9099, or if you prefer to remain anonymous, you can send a text message to their tip line at 50411.

During a news conference, Seventh District Commander LaShay Makal expressed that the frustration over such incidents is prevalent among everyone. She urged the community to come forward and support the affected family.

The police had initially reported that they were searching for a male suspect with “bushy hair” who was wearing a school uniform. However, Makal later retracted this statement and refrained from confirming it as the official lookout description. This was because it came from the homicide detective’s preliminary investigation and was not yet confirmed as accurate.

Makal empathizes with the grieving family and urges anyone with information to come forward to help bring closure to the tragic loss of their loved one. “Please reach out to us,” Makal implores, “and give us any information that can aid in resolving yet another senseless act of violence.”

Three sisters and Starr’s parents, Jacquelina Starr and Horace Graham Jr., are left mourning his passing.

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