Woman Rescued By Armed ‘Hero’ on Subway Wishes He Hadn’t Used a Gun to Save Her From Would-Be Attacker

In a recent incident on the New York City subway, a woman was rescued from an attack by an armed vigilante. She has now come forward to share her thoughts on the frightening incident. While the woman is grateful for the stranger’s intervention, she wishes that he had found a way to handle the situation without the use of firearms.

On Wednesday, police arrested John Rote, 43, for firing a gun inside a subway station. Rote reportedly took this drastic action to stop a homeless man from robbing a woman on the platform.

According to reports, Matthew Roesch, a 40-year-old man, threatened to steal a woman’s purse if she didn’t give him money. In response, Rote fired two warning shots to protect herself. Thankfully, no one was harmed during the incident.

According to the New York Post, a 40-year-old woman, who chose to remain anonymous, expressed gratitude towards Rote for intervening on her behalf. However, she now wishes that he had handled the situation differently.

Person of interest in custody after man thwarts robbery with gunshots

She expressed her gratitude towards the man who tried to help her and was relieved that nobody got hurt during the incident. However, the idea of people carrying guns around the city frightened her. She empathized with those who felt the need to carry weapons for self-defense, but it was still alarming to think about.

According to her account, he brandished the firearm and pointed it at both of them while yelling at the male to back off.

“He put himself in harm’s way to protect not only me but also others present on the platform. While I consider him a hero, I wonder if I would have held him in even higher regard had he attempted to aid me without resorting to his firearm,” she expressed.

“I personally think that using a gun in that situation was a bit extreme,” the woman expressed. “The circumstances were very dangerous, and the outcome could have been unpredictable.”

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