Feds Probing Eric Adams Texts Suggesting He Fast-Tracked Turkish Headquarters After Seizing His Phone, IPad

A report indicates that messages discovered by federal agents during their investigation into New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ texts suggest his involvement in expediting the opening of Turkey’s new diplomatic headquarters.

This week, the FBI stopped Adams on a New York City street, seizing his cell phones and iPad as part of an inquiry into whether his campaign accepted illegal donations from Turkey.

Earlier this month, the FBI executed a raid on the home of Adams’ fundraising chief, Brianna Suggs, confiscating a manila folder labeled with the Mayor’s name, along with Suggs’ laptop and other documents.

The NYPD had conducted a wellness check at the Brooklyn residence just hours before the raid, a move questioned by former federal agents, as reported exclusively by The Messenger.

The texts, dating back to September 2021 when Adams was the Democratic mayoral nominee, reveal his communication with Turkish Consul General Reyhan Özgür and then-FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro.

On September 5, 2021, Özgür informed Adams that the construction of the new Turkish Center diplomatic headquarters on 46th Street was completed, according to the New York Post, citing unnamed sources.

Özgür then inquired if Nigro could assist in obtaining a “temporary certificate of occupancy” from the fire department for the new headquarters. Sources indicate that Adams subsequently asked Nigro to check the feasibility of this request but did not issue a direct order.

A few days later, Nigro reportedly texted Adams, confirming that the required approval would be ready by September 13 of that year. The new Turkish headquarters officially opened on September 21, featuring the Turkish consulate, apartments, and spaces for meetings and commercial purposes.

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