Independence man charged with assault of Lee's Summit

Independence man charged with assaulting Lee’s Summit man outside Arrowhead Stadium

A man from Independence has been charged with assaulting a man from Lee’s Summit in the parking lot of Arrowhead Stadium before a June concert.

Garrett Sage is accused of first-degree felony assault against 34-year-old Johnathan Scaletty.

Scaletty stated that surveillance footage confirms his account of five or six men attacking him after he exited his vehicle to inquire why they were repeatedly opening the hatch and back door.

Scaletty reported being beaten, suffocated, and suffering a severely broken ankle.

“I just can’t wrap my mind around why only adult men and why I just don’t comprehend. We didn’t ask for any of it,” an emotional Scaletty explained.

Independence man charged with assault of Lee's Summit man outside Arrowhead Stadium

Scaletty has had three surgeries on his ankle since the attack. A plate and eleven pins are currently holding it together. Scaletty still limps when she walks. However, he is cleared to return to work in mid-October.

“I’m an achiever. I am an action-taker. And allowing my wife to care for me and my children was nearly the worst part,” Scarlett said.

Scaletty’s June incident drew attention to the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department’s ongoing 911 response times.

Scaletty and his wife Brandi claim that it took 15 minutes for a 911 operator to respond to their emergency call and more than an hour for an ambulance to arrive.

“At an event like the one in Arrowhead or with that many people, it is unfathomable that anything would take that long, whether it be medical, safety, security, or anything else,” said Scaletty.

KCPD’s 911 response times continue to lag significantly behind industry standards, as recently released August data revealed.

In August, 50.52 per cent of 911 calls were answered within 15 seconds, according to these numbers.

The industry standard for this duration is 90 to 95%.

In addition, the longest wait time for 911 service was two hours, fourteen minutes, and fifty-three seconds, while the average wait time was one minute and thirty-two seconds.

Scaletty stated, “I still don’t understand why there wasn’t personnel on-site to assist us much more quickly during that event.”

Sage has been charged with assault, and Scaletty hopes the other men responsible for his attack will also be set.

“I prayed ceaselessly that this day would arrive. And it’s great to have these individuals. These men are dangerous. “If they were willing to do it to me, they could have done it to anyone,” he said.

Brandi, Scaletty’s wife, also suffered a broken toe while defending her husband. In addition, she has sought therapy to help her sort out her feelings about it. According to Missouri law, Sage faces ten to thirty years of life in prison if convicted. To be eligible for parole, he must have served a minimum of 85 per cent of his sentence.

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