New America First Policy Institute forms state chapter to be headed by Pam Bondi

New America First Policy Institute forms state chapter to be headed by Pam Bondi

The America First Policy Institute (AFPI) has appointed prominent figures in state politics to lead its new state chapter.

Pam Bondi, a former State Attorney General, has been appointed as the Chair of the state branch of a national think tank located near Washington. The think tank was established in 2021 by former officials from Donald Trump’s administration with the aim of promoting “America First” values.

Bondi stated in a news release that the America First Policy Institute’s dedication to Florida reflects a rare determination to prioritize safety, opportunity, and freedom in our communities. Bondi expressed her appreciation for the opportunity to contribute to AFPI’s mission to enhance the lives of all Floridians and advance the America First movement.

Omeed Malik, the founder of Farvahar Partners and 1789 Capital, is the Co-Chair of the Florida chapter, based in Miami. In addition, Kevin Cabrera, a Miami-Dade County Commissioner, has been appointed as APFI-Florida’s State Director. Recently, he was elected as the Republican State Committeeman for the Miami-Dade GOP.

The AFPI presents itself as a research center that is non-partisan, but it is run by several high-ranking officials from the Trump administration. These include Linda McMahon, who serves as the Chair of AFPI’s board and previously held the position of administrator of the Small Business Administration. Larry Kudlow, the former Director of the National Economic Council, is the Vice Chair of the AFPI Board. Additionally, Brooke Rollins, who previously served as the Director of the Domestic Policy Council and Chief Strategist for the White House, is now the President and CEO of AFPI.

After a donor accused Corey Lewandowski of making unwanted sexual advances, Bondi took over as the head of Trump’s super PAC, Make America Great Again, two years ago. Bondi has been a frequent Trump surrogate.

Cabrera’s connection with Trump is undeniable, as he previously served as the Florida State Director for Donald J. Trump for President. In fact, Trump even endorsed Cabrera in his 2022 campaign for election to the Miami-Dade County Commission.

The America First Policy Institute (AFPI) now has chapters in multiple states, including Pennsylvania, Arizona, California, Georgia, and most recently, Florida. Interestingly, the Florida chapter does not appear to take sides in the ongoing feud between former President Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis as they both vie for the Republican nomination for the next presidential election.

The Florida division of AFPI has expressed its admiration for Governor DeSantis’ handling of Florida’s unique response to the COVID-19 pandemic and his advocacy for groundbreaking school choice legislation. Although President Trump has publicly criticized DeSantis, labeling him as “DeSanctimonious,” AFPI’s Florida page recognizes and lauds the Governor’s achievements.

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