Shocking Plank Attacks Scare NYC Subway Passengers

Shocking Plank Attacks Scare NYC Subway Passengers, Mostly Teens

Subway passengers were caught off guard and put in danger when a teenager started throwing wooden planks from a moving train in a series of frightening and unusual assaults.

The subway commute turned into a chaotic and terrifying scene due to a teenage perpetrator’s reckless endangerment. It was a disturbing display of their actions.

The New York Police Department is currently on the lookout for a young assailant who is suspected of hurling wooden planks at unsuspecting subway passengers. This resulted in the attack of four subway passengers who were waiting on platforms as the train passed by.

According to the NYPD, two victims were hospitalized following a disturbing sequence of events that took place at three different R Line stations in Queens on October 5.

The unprovoked aggression has left the victims stunned and struggling to comprehend the sudden attacks.

A 59-year-old woman became the first victim of the strange rampage at Grand Avenue Station’s southbound platform around noon.

While aboard a moving train, a passenger hurled a piece of wood that hit her in the throat, causing minor injuries. Luckily, she was immediately transported to Elmhurst Hospital and is now in stable condition.

Just ten minutes after the previous incident, two men were waiting for a train on the southbound platform at Elmhurst Avenue station when an individual onboard the train hurled a block of wood at them. The men reported the incident, but fortunately, they were not hurt in the attack.

The recent wave of attacks has left the citizens of New York in a state of shock and has brought the safety and security measures of the public transportation system into question.

The city is anxiously waiting for the swift capture of the teenage culprit as everyone hopes for justice to be served and for safer commutes to resume.

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