A Costa Mesa police officer pulled

After stopping a speeding car in Costa Mesa, police discover the driver is a burglar who stole $10,000.

During the weekend, a police officer from Costa Mesa spotted a car leaving a shopping centre’s parking lot at high speed. After pulling the vehicle over, the officers discovered a vehicle burglary had just occurred. The traffic stop coincidentally led to the discovery of the burglary, highlighting the importance of being alert while on duty.

At the shopping centre, a culprit had shattered a car window and managed to snatch $10,000 from the centre console of the owner’s vehicle. Meanwhile, the getaway vehicle was parked nearby, waiting for the thief to return with their bounty.

As it happened, the suspect’s vehicle was pulled over by the police officer.

The alert police officer apprehended the culprits and restored the funds to the appreciative victim.

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