I gave birth on the side of an NYC highway — my baby slid right out

I gave birth on the side of an NYC highway — my baby slid right out

In just a matter of minutes, she managed to give birth on the side of a busy highway in New York City. The incredible feat is a testament to her strength and resilience in the face of unexpected circumstances. Despite the chaos and urgency of the situation, she remained calm and composed, bringing a new life into the world amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a story that highlights the incredible power and determination of women, and serves as an inspiration to us all.

As BelRaye Osborne navigated through the traffic on the Jackie Robinson Parkway on October 1st, she was aware that her baby was on the way. At 39 weeks pregnant, she knew that the delivery was imminent and was coming faster than her husband Tru could drive.

As the mother-to-be sensed the onset of labor pains, they wasted no time and embarked on a journey from East New York to New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical at 7:30 a.m.

After almost a decade of being together, the couple who have been sweethearts since their childhood, realized it was time to take action just 17 minutes into their journey towards midtown Manhattan.

As she was hit with contractions that seemed to come one after the other and the intense pressure weighing down on her body, the mother of two at the time urgently asked her companions to pull over their 2016 Mitsubishi to the side of the highway, just before reaching Exit 5 on Myrtle Avenue and Woodhaven Boulevard.

Baby number three just couldn’t wait to arrive.

BelRaye, a certified life coach and high school language arts instructor, recalled the moment she alerted her partner about someone approaching. “I was like, ‘Babe, he’s coming,'” she told The Post. “Pull over, he is coming right now.”

Tru, a music teacher with the New York City school system, recalled the moment when he asked his wife if her discomfort was due to gas. She quickly refuted his assumption and urged him to feel her stomach. “I said, ‘Well are you sure it’s not gas?,'” Tru recounted, “My wife yelled, ‘No! Feel my stomach.'”

As he touched her belly, he could feel his son’s feet pushing against her rib cage, almost as if he was using them to propel himself out. In that moment, he realized that they might end up delivering their baby on the highway.

Sweet baby Temple Osborne is a sight to behold six weeks after being born on the shoulder of Jackie Robinson Parkway.

In no time at all, Baby Temple was brought into the world right on the shoulder of the parkway. It was a remarkable feat indeed.

She exclaimed, “I released a loud grunt and he slid out effortlessly.”

The exclamation ‘He’s coming!’ is a clear indication that someone is on their way and expected to arrive soon.

As the pregnancy progressed, Tru kept teasing that he was going to be the one to deliver their new baby, even though they had made arrangements to have an experienced doula and medical experts at New York-Presbyterian by their side.

While he was there to witness the arrival of his son Titan and daughter Thunder, the fun-loving dad had never before taken an active role in the birthing process.

As they parked their car and approached BelRaye, Tru was shocked to witness the baby’s head crowning while the mother cried out in pain. It was then that Tru realized the gravity of the situation and that delivering a baby was not a matter to be taken lightly.

Tru recounted the moment when he and his wife arrived at their destination. He vividly remembered how his wife carefully stepped out of the car, holding onto the handle for support. It was fortunate that Tru had bought 15 new towels just two days before the trip and had them in the trunk.

As the towels rested in his hands, he lifted his gaze and saw that the baby was beginning to emerge. “There it was, the top of his head, just peeking out,” he recounted. His wife’s voice interjected, “He’s on his way!”

As BelRaye let out a howl of pain, a brief moment of concern swept over them.

As she recalled her experience, she couldn’t help but wonder, “How on earth is this baby going to make its way out of me?” Her apprehension stemmed from the fact that medical professionals had previously expressed concerns about the size of her developing fetus, making a natural birth seem unlikely.

As she recounted the experience, she described herself with one foot perched inside the car and the other firmly planted on the ground, squatting on the roadside. She couldn’t help but wonder how this situation would play out.

The exit which is numbered 5 is known as the Woodhaven exit.

BelRaye joyfully introduced her newborn son, Temple Westry Grant Archangel Osborne. Weighing a healthy 8 pounds and 5 ounces, the birth was a quick and smooth process, with BelRaye pushing for just five seconds. The family is overjoyed and grateful for their new addition. (Source: Instagram)

According to her, it all happened in a matter of seconds. However, during those fleeting moments, they experienced a profound bond between themselves, their newborn, and the divine.

The couple didn’t waste any time waiting for an ambulance by the roadside. Instead, they decided to flag down a police officer who kindly escorted them to the hospital.

After BelRaye and her baby boy, Temple, who she named after a sanctuary, were finally accepted, she was able to take a moment to process the chaotic experience. The birth certificate even reads “Exit 5 – Woodhaven” as the place of birth.

She chuckled as she recalled the incident, describing it as a “peacefully chaotic” experience. “We simply gazed at each other and asked ourselves, ‘Did that really just happen?'” she said.

BelRaye expressed that their experience was not traumatic in any way. In fact, it was quite the opposite, as they described it as amazing and beautiful. During their journey, all they had was each other, and that was all that mattered.

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