stolen from Johnston County auto auction

Teen with an ankle monitor crashed after chasing four stolen sports cars from Johnston County auto auction

Officials have charged a 17-year-old wearing an ankle monitor concerning stealing four sports cars from an auto auction lot in Johnston County. Deputies said the teen fled in one of the stolen vehicles and crashed on U.S. 70 near Wilsons Mills Road in Johnston County around 8:00 a.m. on Monday.

According to Capt. Jeff Caldwell of the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office, workers at Sadisco, a car auction site that sells wrecked vehicles south of Clayton, discovered the thefts on Monday morning.

Caldwell reported that the thieves stole four vehicles, including two Corvettes, a Camaro, and a Challenger. Along Wilsons Mills Road, deputies began a pursuit involving the teen and a blue Camaro. Caldwell stated that the Camaro was driven away from the auction site by crashing through a fence while the hood was up.

According to him, the teen crashed into a power pole near the intersection with U.S. 70 and then fled the wrecked vehicle on foot. Caldwell stated that a K-9 unit assisted in capturing the teen. Monday morning, westbound U.S. 70 was closed for approximately two hours.

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