Nephew charged, accused of hitting uncle

Nephew charged with hammering uncle in head and setting Sunnyside home on fire.

After months of being accused of hitting his uncle with a hammer and setting a house on fire in south Houston, arson charges have been upgraded to murder.

Christoper Cameron Flowers, age 25, was charged with the death of his uncle, Robert Louis Stephens, age 46, on August 30. Flowers has remained in custody since the January incident in which he was initially charged with arson for a house fire near Scott Street in Knoxville. The Houston Police Department stated that the family tragedy began on January 24 in the Sunnyside neighbourhood.

At approximately 12:35 a.m., when officers arrived at the residence, it was engulfed in flames, and multiple family members fled. Family members informed detectives that Flowers’ uncle had been attacked. Stephens was rushed to the hospital, where he died after being rescued by Houston firefighters.

Flowers is accused of striking Stephens in the head with a hammer and assaulting his 54-year-old mother before setting the house on fire. According to the police, his mother sustained minor injuries, and Flowers suffered from smoke inhalation. According to his relatives, Flowers suffers from a mental illness.

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