Man charged with driving car into Jefferson City

Man accused of driving a vehicle into gas station in Jefferson City to steal chocolate milk

A man from Jefferson City was charged with driving his vehicle into the windows of a gas station to steal chocolate milk.

Tuesday at 1:40 a.m., according to court documents, Jefferson City police responded to the BreakTime on West Main Street for a burglary alarm.

When officers arrived, they observed damage to the store’s front, including broken windows, the door, and a portion of the ceiling on the ground.

Additionally, officers spotted two side mirrors from a Ford vehicle.

The front of the store was struck by a black car, as captured by surveillance footage from the store.

It then reversed course and returned to the store.

The video then showed a white man with a beard and a bald head exiting his vehicle and removing three items from one of the refrigerators.

The man then returned to his vehicle and drove away.

According to court documents, the damages totalled thousands of dollars.

On the video, the first three digits of the license plate were visible: RE4.

Officers discovered a 2016 Ford Fusion with the license plate RE4X8P in the 2400 block of Hyde Park Road at 4:55 a.m.

There were scratches, blue paint transfer on the car, and large amounts of glass that matched the store’s window.

In addition, the mirrors lacked their plastic covers. Officers discovered three cold chocolate milks and a wallet containing Brian Duncan’s bank cards in the vehicle.

Duncan is arrested at his residence on St. Mary’s Boulevard. He was charged with First-Degree Property Damage and Second-Degree Burglary by prosecutors.

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