The three California counties with the longest life expectancy have been revealed

Life expectancy serves as a crucial measure of the overall health and well-being of a particular region. In the United States, we have witnessed a remarkable rise in life expectancy over the last few decades, owing to advancements in healthcare and shifts in lifestyle. Currently, Americans enjoy an average life expectancy of 79 years, which is approximately ten years longer than it was in 1960.

California, a state renowned for its diverse population and eclectic lifestyles, has specific counties where residents enjoy significantly longer lives than others. According to the 2022 County Health Rankings & Roadmaps study conducted by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, these regions have been identified. The study examines life expectancy, which provides an estimate of the average number of years an individual born today can anticipate living. This calculation considers mortality data and the average population vulnerable to mortality within a specified period.

Let’s explore the three counties in California that have the highest life expectancy.

1. Mono County

Mono County leads the pack with an impressive average life expectancy of 103.3 years, a staggering 22.3 years higher than the state average. Despite ranking 16th in overall health outcomes, Mono County stands out for its exceptional longevity, securing the top spot in this category. However, it falls behind in quality of life, ranking 34th. This suggests that factors beyond healthcare and lifestyle might be influencing the county’s remarkable life expectancy.

2. Marin County

Marin County takes the second spot with an average life expectancy of 85.2 years, surpassing the California average by 4.2 years. However, it’s not just about living longer in Marin County. The county also boasts the first position in health outcomes across the state. It secures a third-place ranking in terms of length of life and clinches the top spot in quality of life. These remarkable rankings underscore the county’s exceptional access to top-notch healthcare, its commitment to maintaining a healthy environment, and its overall high standard of living.

3. San Mateo County

San Mateo County holds the third position with an average life expectancy of 84.9 years, surpassing the state average by 3.9 years. When it comes to health outcomes, it secures the second spot throughout the state. This includes a remarkable second-place ranking for life span and a notable third-place ranking for quality of life. The exceptional healthcare facilities, the healthy lifestyle choices made by the residents, and the favorable environmental quality in San Mateo contribute to its impressive life expectancy.


According to a recent study conducted by Stacker, certain counties in California have the longest life expectancy in the state. The study analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau and focused on factors such as median age, poverty rate, education level, and healthcare access. The findings revealed that Marin County has the highest life expectancy in California, with an average age of 85.4 years. Other counties with high life expectancies include San Mateo, Santa Clara, and San Francisco. On the other hand, counties such as Imperial and Kern have lower life expectancies, with averages of 76.7 and 77.6 years, respectively. These findings highlight the significant disparities in health outcomes across different regions in California.

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