From breaking into a New York apartment to taking the life of its owner, her friend, and her dog

New York apartment break-in resulting in the death of its owner, friend, and dog

The community of Washington Heights, New York City, is in shock following a disturbing development. The police have launched a manhunt for a man who was previously charged with breaking into a local woman’s apartment. This man is now a suspect in the brutal shooting deaths of the woman, her friend, and her pet dog. The incident has sent chills down the spines of the locals and the authorities are working tirelessly to bring the perpetrator to justice.

In April, a man named Lenue Moore, aged 31, was taken into police custody and charged with assault and attempted burglary. The incident involved him forcefully entering Jackie Billini’s apartment, which resulted in her suffering from a broken arm. Moore also attacked two other occupants who were present in the apartment at the time of the incident. According to reports, Moore broke down the door with a boot, which resulted in two members of Billini’s family getting injured, one of them allegedly with a hammer. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is currently investigating the incident.

The plot takes a grim turn soon after. In less than six months, the police are once again chasing after Moore, but this time, for a much more serious offense. During a walk, Billini, 57, was accompanied by her friend, Levaughn Harvin, and her pit bull, Zeus, when they were fatally shot. According to eyewitnesses, a masked man dressed in black and holding an umbrella approached the pair from behind and opened fire, resulting in a gruesome scene.

According to sources within the local community, there seems to be an ongoing conflict regarding a dog that may have led to the brutal killings. An informant has indicated that the perpetrator is believed to reside in the same building and that the dispute over the dog has been an ongoing issue.

Neighbors revealed that to add to the already eerie atmosphere, Billini had asked Harvin to accompany her on her evening walk due to her concerns about Moore. Despite the serious allegations against him, Moore was out on bail, which was surprisingly set at just $5,000.

According to reports, Billini, an esteemed analyst for the state court system in the Bronx, and her friend Harvin, who was 42 years old, were tragically killed in a shooting. The perpetrator showed an added layer of cruelty by shooting Billini’s loyal pet, Zeus, who also passed away. Despite being rushed to Harlem Hospital, both Billini and Harvin were declared deceased upon arrival. It is a heartbreaking and senseless tragedy that has left the community in shock and mourning.

The entire community is reeling from the recent events. According to sources, the conflict between Billini and Moore started when Moore allegedly tried to harm Billini’s dog earlier this year. It’s worth noting that Moore reportedly owns a house in the Carolinas, but was staying at his mother’s apartment during the time of the incident.

The devastating incident has left the entire neighborhood in shock and disbelief. Jay, a neighbor who was clearly distraught, expressed his deep sadness to the local media. “It’s just so heartbreaking. She was an amazing woman, a truly beautiful person. She had a caring nature and the children adored her. She was a true people-person and everyone in this community knew her. She was always kind to everyone,” he shared with a heavy heart.

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