Rex Heuermann Profession Where Did the Suspected Long Island Serial Killer Work

Rex Heuermann Profession: Which Workplace Did the Suspected Long Island Serial Killer Occupy?

In July 2023, authorities apprehended 59-year-old Rex Heuermann from Long Island in relation to a series of killings identified as the Gilgo Beach murders. Heuermann was taken into custody near his office on Fifth Avenue in New York City, where he was reported to be functioning as an architect within the community.

Charges against Heuermann include three counts of first-degree and three counts of second-degree murder linked to Megan Waterman, Melissa Barthelemy, and Amber Costello. Prosecutors assert that Heuermann deceived his victims by assuming the roles of a photographer or offering them rides, subsequently strangling them and abandoning their bodies along Gilgo Beach.

Heuermann was apprehended by the police after they secured a DNA sample by swabbing a leftover pizza crust from a discarded pizza box. The results of the DNA test, which further substantiated the connection between Heuermann and the Gilgo Beach murder victims, confirmed a high level of accuracy.

What Did Rex Heuermann Do for a Living?

Gilgo Beach Murders | Rex Heuermann Linked to Other Victims?


Rex Heuermann, identified as a suspect in the Gilgo Beach murders, lived in Massapequa Park, a village located in Nassau County. He was known by his neighbors as a well-dressed man and worked as an architect in Manhattan. He was married to Asa Ellerup and had two children, according to those who knew him.

According to reports, the defendant was involved in various construction and renovation projects in the bustling city of New York. In addition, he was the founder of RH Consultants & Associates, a firm that boasted of collaborations with major brands such as Target, Burlington Coat Factory, Nike, Foot Locker, and many others, as can be seen on their website.

During an interview with Bonjour Realty in 2022, Rex Heuermann described himself as an architectural consultant and troubleshooter who has been working in Manhattan since 1987. While he was described as pleasant to talk to, a former special employee claimed that he could be difficult to be around on bad days. This insight sheds light on Heuermann’s professional background and the challenges he may face in his work.

When Rex Heuermann was arrested in connection to the Gilgo Beach murder case, it came as a shock to those who knew him, including former employees and neighbors. Despite the allegations against him, he maintains his innocence and has pleaded not guilty to all charges. His next court appearance is scheduled for Thursday, November 15, 2023.

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