A year after winning $10M using card from same store, NYC man defies extraordinary odds to win $10M scratch-off

A year after winning $10M using card from same store, NYC man defies extraordinary odds to win $10M scratch-off

Some guys seem to have all the luck.

A Brooklyn man won $10 million on a scratch-off ticket last week, just over a year after winning his first $10 million playing the New York Lottery, according to the lottery.

Wayne Murray won the top prize in the New York Lottery’s 200X scratch-off game on Tuesday.

According to lottery organizers, he won $10 million last year while playing the Black Titanium game.

Both games have a $30 entry fee.

Murray did not want to make a big deal about scoring the jackpot twice when The Post approached him on Thursday.

“Some of us prefer to be unnoticed. “All I want is to be discreet,” he explained.

When asked if he was religious, Murray said, “Extremely.”

He bought both of his winning tickets at the same store, H&A Gas & Convenience on Avenue H in Flatbush.

Murray, a regular at the gas station, has not changed, according to clerk Hassan Nabil, and appears to continue to play just because he enjoys it.

“Twice in a row — what are the odds? You can’t even think about it. It’s not comprehensible,” he told The Post Thursday.

“He’s a super regular guy here. He’s very friendly with the locals and very generous with his time. He could have moved out of the neighborhood after winning the first time, but he stood his ground. Money changes a lot of people, but he doesn’t show off or anything. He keeps it real, keeps it honest,” Nabil said.

“It’s just a game for him, so he keeps playing,” Nabil continued. “If you win, you just want to win more.”

Murray chose to take his latest triumph in one lump amount, which was slightly over $6 million after taxes.

Murray also received a single lump amount of slightly more than $6 million in his first win in August of last year.

He informed lottery officials at the time that winning the huge sum was “very humbling and liberating.”

Despite his great fortune, the millionaire continues to remain in his peaceful East Flatbush neighborhood, where he still lives in the same three-story, semi-attached brick home where he’s spent the majority of his life, according to neighbors.

Constance Bryane, who lives next door to Murray, claimed she had no idea of his good fortune, let alone his first large win.

“I had no idea. He’s very humble that way,” she told The Post. “I’m going to have to congratulate him the next time I see him.”

Murray has resided in the house next to Bryane’s for decades, according to Bryane, 75. According to records, he acquired the house for free from a relative in September 2021.

“That’s his house and will always be his house even if he won the lottery a third time,” she went on to say. “In that house, he cared for his mother and great aunt until they both died.” He is obsessed with his family, his home, and his area. He’s unique in that manner.

“He’s a beautiful, humble person.” “He’s not flashy,” Bryane added.

“He just likes to help people in any way he can.” He’ll go out of his way to help folks who need it.”

According to the New York Lottery, the odds of winning the 200X scratch-off game are one in 3.64 million, while the odds of winning the Black Titanium game are one in 3.53 million. When The Post queried lottery officials about the odds of winning both, they couldn’t say.

According to lottery authorities, total sales of New York scratch-off games in fiscal year 2022-2023 were $4,406,338,198.

During the same time period, schools in the five boroughs received $1,070,470,430 in Lottery Aid to Education money.

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