N.Y. law enforcement,

Attacks disrupt a seminar in Israel, forcing New York law enforcement and security experts to leave.

Law enforcement officials in the Tri-State Area are dedicated to ensuring the safety of the Jewish community by taking proactive measures against possible threats. Recently, their attention has been focused on this issue, and they are committed to keeping the community safe and secure.

Recently, a few of them returned from Israel after a terrifying weekend. A recent trip took a surprising turn for investigative journalist Tim McNicholas, as he reports for CBS New York.

Around 30 law enforcement officials from the NYPD and other local agencies had arrived in Israel for a seminar on threats faced by the Jewish community. However, they found themselves in the midst of a hostile situation as bombings rocked the area. Rather than attending the seminar, the officials had to take shelter in stairwells and security rooms throughout the weekend.

Mitch Silber from the Community Security Initiative pointed at his phone, which was still buzzing with notifications. “Do you see these?” he asked.

To stay up-to-date on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, you can read more through the provided link to the CBS News live updates. The situation has escalated as Palestinian militants launched deadly attacks from Gaza, leading to a full-blown war between the two sides. Stay informed with the latest developments by following the updates on the linked page.

Despite returning to New York on Monday morning, Silber has yet to disable his notifications.

Silber explained that whenever a rocket launch is scheduled, their app sends an alert to users in the vicinity. The notification specifies the direction of the launch and advises users to take shelter in a safe place.

Silber and Richard Priem, leaders of security groups that aim to safeguard Jewish New Yorkers from antisemitic threats, were faced with a disturbing reality. During their visit to Israel for a seminar, local law enforcement officials joined them, but they were met with more than just morning push alerts.

If you want to stay updated on the latest news regarding the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict, you can read more about it in this article. The piece focuses on the protests that took place in New York City, where supporters of both sides faced off against each other. To learn more about the situation, click on the link provided.

According to Priem, a Community Security Service member, we could not commence our itinerary due to the first siren that went off, and we had to take shelter.

According to Silber, the hotel’s sirens went off approximately 20 times from 6:30 to 9:30 in the morning. He emphasized that every time the sirens went off, it was mandatory to evacuate and head to the stairwell or one of the designated security rooms, regardless of where you were in the hotel.

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