Alabama woman who married her stepbrother and has 2 kids shares their crazy love story

A woman from Alabama who married her stepbrother and had two kids reveals their crazy love story

Lindsay Brown and her husband Cade of Alabama have discovered love despite being stepsiblings who were originally forbidden from seeing each other by their parents in a story that would make a beautiful, albeit long, country song.

Lindsay’s tragic journey was shared on TikTok, where she has nearly 3,000 followers.

It all started in 2007, when Linday was 14 and Cade was 16, and the two would meet surreptitiously at her residence. However, Lindsay’s mother came in on them on the fourth night they were together, forcing Cade to flee the house in his birthday suit.

Lindsay remarked in a TikTok video, “He grabbed his keys, his phone, he did not grab his clothes.” “He ran through the yard, up the street to his truck naked. Then he drove home and snuck in his house naked and his parents never knew any of that happened.”

Following the event, Lindsay’s mother approached Cade’s parents, who agreed the two should not see each other. The teens didn’t mind the ban because Cade had a girlfriend at the time.


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Timing is everything! #lovestory #foryoupage #marriage #hubby #real #truestory

Six years later, Lindsay was driving to a baseball game in Atlanta with her boyfriend when she got a Facebook direct message from Cade. They started communicating, and a week or two later, she went to see him and broke up with her boyfriend.

Lindsay’s mother was upset because Cade had a “troubled” life after high school and she didn’t want her daughter involved in the commotion. However, this did not prevent the two from spending time together. Lindsay’s mother eventually drove up to Cade’s father’s house, where the two were staying, to talk sense into her.

Cade’s mother and father, Rusty, were both unmarried when they began communicating “for a long time.”

Cade soon got into problems and was imprisoned for a year. Lindsay joined the Air Force in Texas to start a new life, but it didn’t keep them apart for long. Lindsay began paying visits to Cade in prison, and the two resumed their romance. Simultaneously, their parents began dating, and things were getting “hot and heavy” between them.


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Cade was released in 2014, and the couple moved in together. After a few weeks, they “went up the road to the courthouse” and married. Cade claims he did it out of “boredom.” Cade and Linday became stepsiblings when their parents married a little more than a year later.

For the most part, the couple and their parents have fared well. “Our family has just blended real well, we’re all happy,” she remarked. “They never would have got married if it wasn’t for us.”

Lindsay discovered that this type of family arrangement is more prevalent than most people believe after sharing their tale. “My brother and his wife were victims!” They married, and then our father married her mother around 5 years later. “Best sister in law/step sister ever,” wrote Spirit Hager. “I know someone who married a guy she was with for years then years later his dad and her mom married, so same situation,” she said.


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