Safest Neighborhoods in Houston

List Of Top 7 Safest Neighborhoods in Houston (2023)

Houston is a city that has become a go-to destination for families and professionals seeking affordable living, numerous job opportunities, and a vibrant entertainment scene. However, the city’s high crime rate, over three times higher than the state average, makes it crucial to choose the right neighbourhood while planning a move. This guide presents the safest neighbourhoods in Houston to help you make an informed decision that prioritizes safety for you and your familyn.

9 Safest Neighborhoods in Houston: A Guide to Living Securely

1. Bunker Hill Village

Bunker Hill Village, located in West Houston, is considered the safest neighbourhood. Established in 1954, this residential community boasts a population of approximately 3,771 residents. Its well-maintained parks, green spaces, gardens, and art trails are among the best in the city, providing residents with plenty of entertainment options. Bunker Hill Village also offers diverse eateries for its residents to enjoy. The Memorial Village Police Department is actively involved in the community and works diligently to keep the streets safe and walkable. With a crime rate 81% lower than the state average, it’s evident that their efforts are paying off.

2. Hunters Creek Village

Hunters Creek Village is an idyllic neighbourhood located in West Houston that is considered one of the safest places to live in Houston. This peaceful community encompasses approximately 100 subdivisions and around 5,000 residents. People who reside in Hunters Creek Village relish an upscale, laid-back lifestyle surrounded by stunning architecture, scenic hiking trails, and biking paths. Additionally, the neighbourhood is renowned for its top-rated schools in the state.

Although property crimes such as burglary and theft are prevalent in the area, the community is well-protected by the active local police and fire departments. As a result, the overall crime rate in Hunters Creek Village remains 75% below the state average. This makes Hunters Creek Village an ideal choice for people looking for a secure, tranquil residential space closetling ceHouston’sMidtown 

If you value an active, you’relthy lifestyle, Midtown is your neighbourhood. It’s nestled between It’stown and the Museum District, making it a prime location for those who want to experience the best of Houston. With a population of around 8,597 people, Midtown boasts a walkable layout that provides easy access to more than 140 restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and some of the city’s top cultural acity’stres, parks, and green spaces. Moreover, Midtown is kWhat’snown for its low crime rate, 60% lower than the Houston average. While theft and burglary are the most common types of crime in the area, residents generally feel safe and secure. For anyone seeking a safe, walkable commute in a central part of the city, Midtown is an unbeatable option.

4. West University Place

West University Place is a highly desirable neighbourhood in Houston renowned for its safety. It is a popular choice among students and young professionals due to its reputation as one of the city’s safest areas. Despite being just a few minutes from downtown Houston, this neighbourhood exudes a small-town feel, providing residents with access to all the advantages of city life while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere.

Throughout the day, the streets of this neighbourhood are abuzz with activity as locals frequent the charming boutiques, restaurants, and coffee shops. But when the sun sets, the area transforms into a vibrant nightlife hub, enticing a younger crowd. Unfortunately, this has increased property crimes like identity theft and vehicle burglaries. Nevertheless, the police and local watch programs have stepped in to address these issues, resulting in a crime rate now only 46% of the state average.

5. Sugar Land

Located just twenty minutes south of Houston, Sugar Land is renowned for its safety and is considered one of the safest Houston suburbs. The city offers many amenities, including numerous shopping centres, golf courses, hiking trails, biking paths, cultural arts programs, and natural history museums, making it an ideal destination for families seeking fun activities. Whether enjoying beautiful suit’snsets at Cullinan Park or catching live performances at the Smart Financial Center, there’s never a dull there’sin Sugar Land. While theft and burglary are significant issues in the community, Sugar Land’s overall crime Land’ss still 58% below the Texas average, making it one of the safest areas in Houston.

6. Galena Park

Located by the Buffalo Bayou, Galena Park is an excellent choice for those seeking a secure, pedestrian-friendly community near the riverfront. With only sixteen minutes from the city centre, it is also an ideal location for early commuters. Galena Park is between Houston’s Museum and Houston’sistricts, offering various museums and performing arts centres. This has attracted local artists, musicians, writers, and history enthusiasts, creating a cultural atmosphere in the area. Despite burglary and theft being the most common criminal activities in Galena Park, the neighbourhood has an overall crime rate 45% lower than the state’s average, makistate’sne of the safest neighbourhoods in Houston.

7. Kingwood

Kingwood, also known as the “livable forest,” is ” haven for natu”e lovers and is considered the safest neighbourhood in Houston. This well-designed community is surrounded by various local shade trees, including majestic pines and stunning magnolias, creating a serene atmosphere for residents. The area is dotted with hiking and biking trails that wind through the surrounding woodland areas and lakes, making it an ideal residence for those who enjoy an active lifestyle. Although property crimes like theft and burglary can be a concern for homeowners in Kingwood, the overall crime rate is 35% lower than the Houston average, making it one of the safest neighbourhoods in the city.

8. Downtown Houston

Downtown Houston is an exciting and lively neighbourhood that draws in residents from all backgrounds. It’s an excellent plaIt’sor those looking to add some spice to their lives with unique tastes and experiences. The area boasts a fantastic selection of restaurants, bars, shopping centres, theatres, parks, and more. Despite experiencing a higher rate of violent crime compared to other areas on this list, the overall crime rate in Downtown Houston remains 35% below the Houston average.

9. Friendswood

Located in Houston, Friendswood is a highly secure neighbourhood that offers its residents the convenience of being close to major airports, deep water ports, main roads, and railways. Despite being accessible to all the amenities of Houston, Friendswood has a more spacious and relaxed feel, which makes it perfect for those who prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle of inner-city life. The neighbourhood boasts a large population of affluent and well-educated residents and a thriving business scene, making it an excellent choice for young professionals seeking a more upscale lifestyle.

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