Pueblo West Man Charged with Attempted Murder

Pueblo West Man Charged with Attempted Murder for Strangling Wife

According to the victim, the perpetrator tried to pull her inside the residence, but she managed to break free and seek assistance from a nearby home. She was subsequently transported to the hospital for medical attention, where she was discovered to have sustained significant physical harm during the assault.

Over the weekend, when the deputies arrived at the home, the suspect had already fled. However, on Monday, the deputies secured an arrest warrant for the suspect, Espinoza-Espinoza. The suspect cooperated with the authorities and was taken into custody without any resistance. The charges against the suspect include attempted murder, first-degree assault, first-degree kidnapping, obstruction of telephone, criminal extortion, and domestic violence.

As per the National Domestic Violence Hotline, there were almost 125,000 cases of physical abuse by an intimate partner that were reported in a year. The hotline saw a surge in communication with survivors and victims of domestic violence, indicating an alarming rise in cases. The past year has recorded a significant increase in cases of homelessness, substance abuse disorders, and violent incidents involving children. Victims of domestic violence were offered various resources, including mental health and counseling services, children’s services, legal assistance, economic resources, and support for housing and healthcare.

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