New Bedford Court Sentences Man to Life in Prison for Murdering Brad Lourenco

A member of a New Bedford gang has received a sentence for the second-degree murder conviction in the case of Brad Lourenco’s killing in 2017.

Ivan Fontanez, 26, was handed a life sentence with the chance of parole after 20 years by a Fall River Superior Court judge on Monday, November 26.

In June 2017, Fontanez faced charges after he fired a gunshot that hit Brad Lourenco, also known as “Young Bank$,” in the back of the head at Clemente Park.

Fontanez was eventually apprehended by the police after he fled the scene while being chased by members of the South End Gang.

Fontanez was found guilty by the jury of not only receiving a life sentence but also of being in possession of an illegal firearm and carrying a loaded illegal firearm.

District Attorney Thomas Quinn described the defendant’s actions as a gang-related killing that took place in broad daylight. The motive behind the murder was to seek revenge for the recent shooting of the defendant’s half-brother. The incident occurred at a park, displaying a complete disregard for the safety of those present in the vicinity. What added to the unsettling nature of the case was the presence of the defendant’s associates during the trial, with an apparent intention to influence the testimony of civilian witnesses. While it is within their rights to observe the trial, any attempt to manipulate or intimidate witnesses undermines the integrity of our justice system.

“I applaud the jury for their diligent examination of the evidence and their decision to convict the defendant for the crime of murder. It is important to note that the defendant was already on probation when he committed this heinous act, and as a result, he received a significant five-year sentence for perpetrating a violent crime. This verdict unequivocally demonstrates that he poses a grave threat to the community. I would also like to express my gratitude to the prosecution team for their tireless efforts during the trial, which ultimately paved the way for the conviction on the charge of murder,” stated Quinn.

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