4 men assault and rob 2 minors in Northeast DC

Two minors robbed and assaulted by four men in Northeast Washington DC

The Metropolitan Police Department is seeking assistance from the public in identifying a group of individuals who are believed to have committed assault and robbery against two minors in Northeast D.C. If anyone has any information about this incident, please come forward and provide it to the authorities. Your help can make a significant difference in bringing the perpetrators to justice and ensuring the safety of our community.

Police reported that on Monday, just before 1:00 p.m., four men approached two minors in the 1800 block of Hamlin St. NE. The men demanded property from the minors.

During the altercation, one of the two minors was subjected to an assault. The group of four individuals stole some property from the pair and made their escape in a vehicle.

The individual who was assaulted, despite sustaining injuries, refused to receive medical attention.

At the top of the page, a video captures the four men who were caught on a surveillance camera. You can clearly see them in the footage.

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