Orange County Tribune approves ban on masks and vaccines

Orange County Tribune approves ban on masks and vaccines

The photograph captures Councilmember Rhonda Bolton in all her glory. She is a prominent figure who exudes confidence and strength. The picture is a testament to her leadership and dedication to her community. Her presence is felt in every decision she makes, and her contributions have made a significant impact on the lives of those around her. It’s a powerful image that showcases her unwavering commitment to public service.

At the recent Huntington Beach City Council meeting, a resolution was adopted that prohibits the imposition of mandates for masks or vaccines within the city. The council was divided on the issue, but ultimately came to a decision that will impact the community moving forward.

In a close vote of 4-3, the council has decided to ban masks and vaccine mandates in the city. Mayor Tony Strickland, Mayor Pro Tem Gracey Van Der Mark, and Councilmembers Pat Burns and Casey McKeon voted favour the prohibition.

Council members Natalie Moser, Dan Kalmick, and Rhonda Bolton stood in opposition. The provided image link is not related to this statement.

Mayor Pro Tem Gracey Van Der Mark explained that this resolution is a reaction to the challenges faced by the state during the year 2020, particularly regarding the pandemic. She firmly believes that it is essential for the city to support its residents and businesses by taking a stand.

In recognition of the current absence of any mandates regarding masks and vaccinations, she emphasized that the resolution serves as a proactive safeguard for residents against the same oppressive and authoritarian measures that they were previously subjected to by the State of California. She stated, “Our goal is to shield our community from experiencing further power abuses.”

Dan Kalmick, a council member, stated that he believes this will eventually be stored in some form of archive as a public policy failure.

Councilmember Natalie Moser described the resolution as “political theatre.”

According to Moser, it is highly derogatory towards the city and the policies formulated regularly.

According to the proposed resolution, the city would not be allowed to enforce any mandates related to masks or vaccines unless an individual tests positive for COVID-19. Additionally, businesses would be permitted to implement their policies regarding using covers or proof of vaccination.

Furthermore, the council passed the new e-bike laws unanimously through an emergency ordinance that is now in effect without delay.

During the meeting, 31 individuals participated in the public comment section, providing their views on the suggested modifications to the charter concerning the election. Their comments were diverse and reflected a range of perspectives.

On Thursday, the council has scheduled a special meeting to deliberate on the proposed charter amendments regarding city elections. However, California State Attorney General Rob Bonta has cautioned that the proposed changes may not be lawful.

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