Honoring Over 100-Year-Old Legacy: 40 Soldiers from Orange County NY Commemorated

The Hudson Valley region of New York State is steeped in an abundance of history that spans a few hundred years. While certain events like the tragic incident of 9-11-2001 remain etched in our memories, other dates may not be as fresh in our minds but are equally significant. These dates are a sad reminder of the countless lives lost in battles fought long ago.

On September 29, 1918, a devastating incident occurred. Who brought this tragedy back to our attention? Read on to discover.

On September 29, 1918, what significant occurrence happened in the Hudson Valley NY region?

The attached photo, provided by the Office of County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus, showcases a group celebrating Veterans Memorial Day.

In 1918, a tragic event occurred during World War I, where 40 soldiers from Orange County, New York, died during the Battle of the Hindenburg Line in Northern France. These brave soldiers were serving together in Companies E and L of the 107th Regiment of the 27th Division, fighting side-by-side until their untimely demise. Their sacrifice will always be remembered.

On September 29, 2023, a new monument was unveiled to honour the fallen soldiers from 1918. The memorial bears their names and is a touching tribute to their sacrifice. Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus and the County’s Veterans Service Agency (VSA) attended the unveiling ceremony to pay their respects.

If you want to discover further details or pay your respects in person, you can head to The Veterans Memorial Cemetery on Craigville Road in Goshen, NY.

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