Principal of elementary school apprehended for DWI,

In Lockport, a police officer has returned to duty after serving a 30-day suspension in September. The reason for his suspension was his access and recording of body camera footage at the station. The footage showed the arrest of the principal of Roy B. Kelley Elementary School.

Although the 7 News I-Team possesses the complete footage captured by two officers’ body cameras, we have decided to display only specific segments.

As Heather Walton is being arrested, the video captures Officer Nicholas Palumbo saying on the phone, “just a heads up, it’s the principal of Roy B. Kelley.”

It was on May 22, 2023.

The credit for the given information goes to WKBW-TV.

According to Palumbo, the situation was dire as he exclaimed, “She’s toast… [inaudible] … she just swerved off the road, smacked into the tree and went across a couple people’s lawns.”

Upon being read her Miranda Rights, Walton was taken into custody for DWI. The 7 News I-Team was able to obtain the body camera footage through a Freedom of Information Law request.

When asked about the cost of the purchase, Walton simply responded, “two drinks.”

During the arrest, Palumbo adhered to the Lockport Police Body Worn Camera policies by ensuring that his body camera was turned on and recording at all times.

However, Officer Aaron Belling of Lockport Police Department deviated from the standard operating procedures and failed to comply with regulations.

The credit for the provided information goes to WKBW-TV.

Lockport Police Chief Steven Abbott reports that Belling had no involvement in the case in question. However, Belling intentionally accessed the body camera video, which had already been uploaded into the system. The police state that he recorded a 15-second clip and shared it with at least one other person.

According to Abbott, such an action goes against the rules and regulations of the department.

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