A man from California got called out and denied after he asked for a 'scooped bagel' in NYC. He said the backlash has not changed his preference at all.

In NYC, they called out and denied a man from California when he requested a ‘scooped bagel,’ but he insists that the backlash hasn’t altered his preference

The online world was set abuzz by a Los Angeles resident who made a request for a “scooped bagel” during his visit to a New York City bakery. The request was for a bagel with some of the inner dough removed, causing an uproar among internet users.

In a viral TikTok, 30-year-old Taylor Offer shared his experience of ordering bagels in New York, and it’s safe to say that it left him feeling “stressed out.” According to Taylor, he was aggressively denied his special order, which is a common practice in Southern California. Despite being met with a lot of resistance from New Yorkers who firmly believe that a “scooped bagel” is not the right way to eat one, Taylor is determined to stick to his guns. In fact, some New Yorkers even asked him to leave the city altogether!

Taylor Offer’s video, which has garnered over 3.8 million views since its sharing on Thursday, showcases his recent experience at a bagel place that declined his request for a gluten-free, scooped bagel.



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As narrated by Offer, the guy simply gave him a cold stare and bluntly refused to serve him with his bagel, saying, “I’m not scooping your fucking bagel, bro.” He then proceeded to tell him to leave with his order, using profanity to drive his point home. Despite the encounter, Offer took it in his stride and decided to try his luck at another place.

According to Offer, businesses in Los Angeles would have been more than willing to fulfill such an order, unlike the situation at hand.

According to him, in Los Angeles, people are quite supportive of individuals who are working towards improving their health. He stated that they often express their admiration by saying things like “good for you” and “I’m proud of you.”

Within 24 hours of its release, the brief video sparked a wave of negative reactions across the internet. Numerous individuals commented that the bagel creator was “absolutely correct in not engaging in such nonsense,” denouncing scooped bagels as an outright “offense.”

One of the top comments on the post expressed disdain for a scooped bagel, saying “So sorry but I have such a hard time respecting a scooped bagel.” Another commenter used a crying-laughing emoji to express their incredulity, asking “How you not embarrassed to ask for that?”

After the video was re-shared on X (formerly known as Twitter), it received an even greater amount of criticism. Many people took issue with the person in the clip bringing their Los Angeles mindset to New York, which led to further derision and negative feedback.

In a post that has garnered over 34,000 likes, one individual expressed their frustration by saying “What the fuck is this shit? New York should start turning away Californians at the border.” as quoted from Twitter.

During his visit to New York, Offer shared with Insider that he has not been affected by the negative response he’s received. Despite receiving a multitude of hateful messages, including one that told him to “scoop yourself a grave and jump in it,” Offer remains unfazed. He has even received direct messages telling him to “get the f*** out of New York” and “go back to California.”

According to Offer, he has developed a thick skin and the negative comments he receives do not affect him. In his words, “I’m just a regular guy who wants to grab a scooped bagel.”

According to Offer, the occurrence took place in the Flatiron district of Manhattan on a Wednesday. He clarified that the establishment where he placed his order was, in fact, a full-fledged bagel shop and not a deli, despite what some commenters assumed. However, Offer could not recall the name of the shop. Following the rejection of his order, he went to Tompkins Square Bagels, where he was able to satisfy his craving for a gluten-free, scooped bagel. (I must add, the bagels at Tompkins Square Bagels are absolutely delicious.)

Despite facing a wave of backlash and criticism, his unwavering love for scooped bagels remains intact. In fact, he considers himself a bonafide “bagel connoisseur” and is determined to spread the word about the benefits of adopting a scooped bagel mindset. According to him, he’s on a mission to educate people about the wonders of this approach.

As per the bagel expert, have you ever wondered why you can’t taste the inside of a bagel? Apparently, when you take a bite, you mostly get the crust, and the inside goes unnoticed. The expert suggests that scooping the inside of the bagel leaves a better space for spreading the cream cheese, making it a perfect fit. According to him, scooping the insides of a bagel makes it a better vehicle for spreading the cream cheese since it’s all tight and compact.

He added that the integration of cream cheese with bread makes for a seamless bite.

As this minor issue surfaced, commenters saw it as an opportunity to voice their grievances about the residents of Los Angeles as a whole. One individual even expressed that they could never imagine living in LA because of the perceived high maintenance of its inhabitants. Several other viewers made comments about LA residents being overly consumed with “absurd demands” and health fads.

According to Offer, New Yorkers seem to be a bit upset simply because Southern California boasts better weather conditions. He also went on to claim that the area has superior bagels.

Offer jokingly commented that New Yorkers might just be jealous of Los Angeles for having better beaches, weather, and bagels. However, as a visitor, he would consider moving there if the locals were friendlier and the bagels were more delicious.

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